Project No. 2: Print Passages from ‘Ulysses’ Episodes

(Second in a series of summaries of each of the LiberateUlysses projects we received from around the world. Look for project updates in the “Works In Progress” section and posting of the final projects in the “Gallery” section on Bloomsday, 16 June.)

Who – Royal Vandal Academy (Andrew and Trevor), Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. We are an art and design collective created by two close friends who were divided by school to opposite sides of their home country. We thumb our noses at distance and work together to create jewelry, visual art, websites and print media. Website: Twitter: @royalvandals

What – A love-letter to the language of Ulysses in the form of a series of prints, one for each of the sections of Ulysses. These prints will be purely typographical. We want to celebrate the materiality of Joyce’s language. What better way than to pick the most striking, bizarre, beautiful passage from each section and luxuriate it in the form of the letters themselves?

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