Project No. 5: ‘Ulysses’ Strands, Letterpressed

(Fifth in a series of summaries of each of the LiberateUlysses projects we received from around the world. Look for project updates in the “Works In Progress” section and posting of the final projects in the “Gallery” on Bloomsday, 16 June.)

Who – A transatlantic collaboration between (from left to right) designers Jamie Murphy and Mary Plunkett (Dublin) and letterpress aficianado Steve Cole (Baltimore). Jamie and Mary represent Distillers Press, the letterpress workshop of the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. Steve is a volunteer at the Baltimore (Md.) Museum of Industry’s print shop and creator of LiberateUlysses. Websites:,, Twitter: @fjorddesign @maryjplunkett @earth2steve

What – A limited edition series of letterpress posters printed with handset wood type that weave together a collection of tweet-length excerpts from Ulysses. Our vision is to create a visual exploration that shows the richness and complexity of Joyce’s work through variations in type, composition, and color.


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