Resurrecting a 2004 Celebration of ‘Ulysses’ (No. 1)

In 2004 Brendon Deacy of Dublin’s National College of Art and Design came up with a novel way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of  the day at the center of James Joyce’s Ulysses, 16 June 1904. He assigned his third year visual communications students the challenge of creating letterpress interpretations of the book in NCAD’s print workshop.

Brendon has given us permission to resurrect the 18 letterpressed beauties online as we approach Bloomsday 2012. Below is a first look at one of the broadsides. You can see another one on the LiberateUlysses Facebook page.

Can you guess the Ulysses episode?

Click away here for more information about the 2004 NCAD Ulysses celebration, Brendon Deacy, and the NCAD print workshop known as Distillers Press.

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