Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals Review – Why it is so popular?

By | June 1, 2016

Are you a foodie type person? But feel ashamed for your shapeless figure? Then this article can show you the path. In recent times people have little time to eat or cook healthy and tasty food. People often complained of gaining so much fat or suffering from various types of diseases. A proper fat burning meals review can make you and your family fit for long time.

Why it is necessary?

  • According to the WHO calculation in 2014, 2013
  • Almost 1.9 billion adults (18 years old or more than) are suffering from overweight related problems.
  • According to 2014 statistics 38 percent of men and 40 percent of women are the victims of obesity.
  • 32 billion to 40 billion kids (age of 0-5) have obesity problems.

Aim of family friendly fat burning meal

  • To bring back protein on your diet chart
  • Consuming refined sugar which helps to reduce the chance of diabetes without decreasing the taste of food.
  • You can include fresh veggies in your diet chart. As veggies contain minerals, vitamins, fiber etc. What you will don’t get from frozen veggies or cooked veggies.
  • Using coconut oil. It helps to increase metabolic rate. As a result it burns the fat very quickly.
  • Make fresh fruits as compulsory ingredient in your dessert. As fresh fruits have enough vitamin C, D etc. It is very necessary in fat burning process and also gives some good effects.
  • The quality of a family friendly fat burning meal must be fresh, organic, seasonal, whole foods etc.

Process of family friendly fat burning meal

Cooking on high flame with huge oil makes the food completely unhealthy. That type of food doesn’t able to give such level of nutrition. You should prepare a food with veggies which have vitamin C, D etc.

  • Boiled – Boil your veggies or chicken or that type of items
  • Grilled-It require very little amount of oil and spices.
  • Steamed-It takes little time to make breakfast or lunch or dinner.
  • Broiled- It also takes very little time. But through this process you may keep intact the food value.

What you should not do

·    Fried –
Fried with oil may cause the reason of decreasing the nutritional value.
·    Processed-
Cooking time is very little. But it contains almost zero nutritional value.
·    Filled with cream sauce-
Using so much cream or sauce may cause the decrease of the nutritional value.
·    Packaged or Frozen-

You may find news in almost every month that that some insect or creature (live or dead) has been found in the canned food. So keep yourself and your family away from that type of foods.

Benefits of taking family friendly fat burning meals
After a hectic day or to start a day fresh one must need some meals. Adults and kids have equally right to have nutritional and tasty foods. It prevents many diseases.

Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals


  1. Prevention from Coronary heart disease: Family friendly fat burning meals review may reduce the chances of coronary heart diseases.
  2. Prevention from High blood pressure: To get free from high blood pressure you may start taking.
  3. Prevention from Type 2 diabetes: Type 2 diabetes can be prevented by taking family friendly fat burning meals.
  4. Prevention from Abnormal blood fats: Abnormal blood fats can be removed by taking regularly .
  5. Adjust Metabolic syndrome Family friendly fat burning meal helps in decreasing the metabolic syndrome.
  6. Prevention from Cancer: Family friendly fat burning meal is quite helpful to keep yourself away from cancer.
  7. Prevent from Osteoarthritis: With proper family friendly fat burning meal one can fight with the disease like osteoarthritis.
  8. Reduces Sleep apnea If you have complain for not sleeping properly in night then Family friendly fat burning meal may help you to reduce sleep apnea. So if you have sleeping disorder. Then family friendly fat burning meal is right option for you.
  9. Solving Reproductive problems: Many people complain about the reproductive problems. So if they follow some family friendly fat burning meal review, will sort out the problems.
  10. Prevention from Gallstones: Sometimes people suffering from increasing some glands or foreign body in their stomach like gallstone. it can save you from this type of physical problem.
  11. Decrease the chance of Obesity hypoventilation syndrome: To reduce excess fat one must follow the family friendly fat burning meals. Everyone wants perfect figure.


  1. Increasing Immune system: A proper family friendly fat burning meals helps the children to increase the function of their immune system. Its feel good when your kids have 100 percent attendance in school.
  2. Helping in growth properly: With a proper nutritional food children can grow properly.
  3. Increasing bone density: Sufficient intake of calcium can increase the bone density.That prevents them from injury, fracture.
  4. Increasing the brain activities: Some nutritional foods help to increase the brain activities in children. They will capture the things very fast.
  5. Improving mental health also: If your kids are taking nutritional foods then they must have the healthy mind. That will help them to grow as proper human being. As


Which meal should be taken and when?

For breakfast

You and your family can start a day with some family friendly fat burning meal. These are very quick and healthy process you can intake.
So from now you can start your day with some family friendly fat burning meal . These are discussed below.
1.    Healthy chicken enchiladas
Ingredients & Nutritional values

  • Oz skinless, boneless boiled chicken-Calories- 12.5, Protein-19
  • Fat free fried beans- Cholesterol-0%, Sodium-1012mg
  • enchilada sauce-Protein-1g,Iron-1%
  • Corn tortillas- Calories-209g,Fibre- 24%
  • Small onion-Potassium-146mg,Vitamin C-12%
  • Taco seasoning- Calories- 15.0,Sodium-560.0mg
  • Green chillies- Vitamin C- 239%
  • Low fat cheese-Calcium-55%,Sodium- 808mg

2.  Sausage, Mushroom and Broccoli Quiche
Ingredients & Nutritional values

  • Egg whites- Protein-4g,Pottassium-163mg
  • 2% cottage cheese-Calories- 98,Sodium-346mg
  • Soy milk-Vitamin b-6-5%,Magnessium-6%
  • Flour-Calories- 364,Carbohydrate-25%
  • Garlic-Vitamin C-52%,Potassium- 402mg
  • Mushrooms-Potassium 318mg,magnesium-2%
  • Broccoli-Vitamin C 148%,iron-3%
  • Turkey,sausage- Vitamin A-21%,Protein-28.5

For Branch or Lunch

Are you that kind of person who starts the day with branch or lunch then these family friendly fat burning meals may help you to give a kick start of the day.

1.    Orange chicken
Ingredients & Nutritional values

  • 1/2 cup orange juice (no sugar, water added) – Vitamin C-83%, Magnessium-2%.
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil-Calories-117
  • 2.5 lbs boneless skinless boiled chicken – Protein-19,Calories-12.5
  • Dash salt and pepper-Calories-3,Sodium-48
  • Dash granulated onion-Dietary Fibre-2%,Carbohydrates-2%
  • 1 tablespoon sesame seeds-Magnesium 87%,Vitamin B-6-40%
  • 3 green onions, chopped-Vitamin C-5%,Vitamin A-5%

2.    Garlic Chicken Pasta
Ingredients & Nutritional values

  • Pasta-Iron 6%,Vitamin B-12-1%
  • Boneless chicken (boiled)- Protein-19,Calories-12.5
  • Minced garlic-Calories-5g,Carbs-1g
  • Little butter-Vitamin A-113%Calcium-5%

Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals 2

For desserts and cookies

1.    Skinny lemon bars

Ingredients & Nutritional Values

  • All purpose flour-Sodium-2mg,Potassium-107mg,Calories-364
  • Granulated sugar-Carbohydrate 33%
  • Egg white- Protein-4g,Pottassium-163mg
  • Grated lemon zest-Vitamin C-7.74 mg
  • Powdered sugar-Carbohydrate 33%
  • Baking powder-Potassium-20mg,Iron-61%
  • Lemon juice-Vitamin C

2.    Double chocolate mini brownies
Everyone loves chocolate. ”Two kinds of people you may find in the world-those who love chocolate and the other oneare communist lover.”  Said By ― Leslie Moak Murray

Ingredients & Nutritional Values

  • Dark chocolate-Protein-8g,fat-4g
  • Coconut oil-Calories- 862
  • Vanilla extract-Potassium- 148mg
  • Almond extract-Magnesium 67%
  • Almond flour-Carbohydrate-6g,Diatery fiber-3g
  • Sea salt-Potassium- 1.2g
  • Dairy free mini Chocó chips

For smoothies

Passion fruits and mango sorbet

Ingredients & Nutritional Values

  • Golden caster sugar- Carbohydrate 33%
  • Glucose syrup-Protein- 9g,Calory- 381g per 100 gm
  • Ripe mangoes- Vitamin C- 75%, Flavonoids like-beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and beta- cryptoxanthin.
  • Passion fruit- Any fruit which contains vitamin c.
  • Lemon- Vitamin c

You can end your day with family friendly fat burning soup

Turkey Soup
Ingredients & Nutritional Values

  • Tablespoon olive oil- Iron-3%,Potassium-3mg
  • cloves garlic, minced- Calories-5g,Carbs-1g
  • carrots, sliced-VitaminB- 6-5%,Vitamin A-334%
  • celery stalks, sliced- Carbohydrate-3%,Diatery fiber-6%
  • onion, chopped- Vitamin A 5%
  • chicken broth- Protein19
  • Salt and pepper- Potassium-1.2g
  • Parsley, chopped-Vitamin C
  • zucchini, peeled into noodles with a vegetable peeler-Vitamin C
  • 2cups chopped, cooked turkey meat- Vitamin A-21%,Protein-28.5


If you are looking for some quick remedies then I am afraid this article in not for you. The entire process is based on natural process. So the entire process takes time.

To make it quickly you may follow

  • For breakfast- Arrange the ingredients and cut it and freeze it on previous night.
  • For lunch- Arrange the ingredients during your leisure time
  • For Dinner- You can arrange all the things during watching tv, interacting with your kids and other family members.

So just let your lip smacking and taste buds indulged. You can start making some quick but healthy fat burning recipes for your dearest and nearest ones. It will help you and your family to maintain a healthy and wealthy life. So the choice is yours

Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals 3

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