The 2nd Shade of Leopold Bloom: The Word Supreme

(The next of the 12 shades of Mr Leopold Bloom depicted in letterpress type in The Works of Master Poldy from The Salvage Press, Dublin, and yours truly.)

Mr Bloom stood at the corner, his eyes wandering over the multicoloured hoardings.

Mr Bloom stood at the corner, his eyes wandering over the multicoloured hoardings.

I love and Bloom loved the bright bold blaring world of words printed BIG on paper, that catch the eye and put out there whatever it is you want to put into people’s brains – Elijah is coming – including your own philosophy of life – the new nine muses: Commerce, Amor, Publicity – and the secret that the ad man knows that – For an advertisement you must have repetition – which cagey Bloom recognizes is the same trick the Catholic Church – Pray for us. And pray for us. And pray for us. – has used for centuries to build its flock, this page of #MasterPoldy celebrates Bloom the Apostle of the Printed Word – Buy from us. And buy from us. – (an affinity shared by his wife).

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Original letterpress design of excerpts from James Joyce’s Ulysses.


The 1st Shade of Leopold Bloom: Warm Love

There are 12 shades of Mr Leopold Bloom in The Works of Master Poldy, as rendered by The Salvage Press, Dublin (and yours truly) in glorious letterpress printing. This post shows you the first; the rest will follow by Bloomsday 2014.

Who are the letters for?

Who are the letters for?

One of Bloom’s several reflections on love in Ulysses, this in the intimate confines of his bedroom as Molly slowly rises from sleep – she set the brasses jingling as she raised herself briskly – he fondly recalling her and his youth – Wish I had a full length oil-painting of her then – as she eagerly awaits the day before her – Who are the letters for? – he is torn between desire for her – the warmth of her couched body rose – and resignation to time changing that attraction to something else – We are their harps. I. He. Old. Young. – which he is powerless to prevent – Can’t bring back time. Like holding water in your hand. – the ever-practical problem solver of Bloom’s mind eventually rising to the challenge – What to do with our wives.

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Special Discount on Online Orders of “Master Poldy”


There is no better time to order your own copy of “The Works of Master Poldy” (Salvage Press, Dublin, 2013) than right now, this very month, today! Jamie Murphy of The Salvage Press has just opened his online store and is offering everyone 15% off any purchase in January. (The special discount code is JANLAUNCH.)

There aren’t many copies left of this beautiful letterpress limited edition volume published for Bloomsday 2013. The book was inspired by Molly Bloom herself in the pages of James Joyce’s Ulysses. She imagined collecting some of her husband’s quirky/funny sayings into a volume titled “The Works of Master Poldy.” And now it exists, lovingly printed and bound by hand in Dublin.

Make Poldy yours! Buy him today.

‘Ulysses’ Rising: A Work in Progress over Dublin

Over the last several months a new Ulysses has been rising over Temple Bar.

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Designer James Earley is painting the lead characters of James Joyce’s novel all around the exterior of Blooms Hotel in Temple Bar, four stories tall. Epic!

“I must confess that I was new to Ulysses and am still getting my head around the book as I go on this project,” James wrote via email. “It’s the forever pealing onion with a million layers!”

“I am depicting the five lead characters from the book: Bloom, Molly, Stephen, Blazes, and Buck Mulligan. In between the character panels are graphic representations of various themes in the book. The illustrative style is inspired by graphic illustrator Alphonse Mucha. The Art Nouveau style is in keeping with the era the book was based. I have added in my own twist on the style, but the basis is still all there.”

The photos presented here that James kindly provided show the development of Stephen Dedalus last year. More photos to come as the mammoth murals progresses, which James plans to complete by the spring.

The project is part of James’ multidisciplinary design practice Inputout, which specializes in branding, illustration, hand-painted signage, and large scale graffiti murals.  You can follow his work on Facebook (studioinputout).

A Ulysses Wish for the New Year: Bloomusalem!

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May this be the year of The New Bloomusalem as envisioned so long ago in the pages of James Joyce’s Ulysses!

‘Ulysses’ By Hand: Work in Progress

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If you haven’t heard of Jacqueline Valencia’s inspired/insane effort to write out James Joyce’s Ulysses by hand, above is a visual sampler of her Work So Far. To see more, visit her blog or follow the adventures @JacqValencia on Twitter.

Ulysses Dive #3: Portals of Discovery

DIVE genius 3Here’s this week’s dive into one pungent segment of James Joyce’s Ulysses selected by a reader. Today Stephen Dedalus does battle in the National Library about Shakespeare’s personal history and his genius: Join the conversation here, on Facebook (LiberateUlysses), or @UlyssesLives with the hashtag #U3genius.

Ulysses Dive #2: The Rapture and the Fireworks

U2blushA new weekly series where you can dive into one pungent segment of James Joyce’s Ulysses selected by a reader very much like you. Join the conversation here, on Facebook (LiberateUlysses), or @UlyssesLives with the hashtag #U2blush. This week, enjoying fireworks on the strand:

A Call to Action: The New Bloomusalem 2014


EVERYMAN AND EVERYWOMAN : In the name of the revolutionary and liberating spirit embodied in the Ulysses of James Joyce, we call upon the creative and practical imaginations of the World to turn their powers to the establishment of THE NEW BLOOMUSALEM, a celebration of universal freedom, love, and goodwill, to be reenacted in the public spaces of Ireland’s capital city in June 2014 and disseminated across the Globe.

Locked inside the old, labyrinthine pages of Ulysses breathes an encyclopedic affirmation of human life and living that is unheard by many.  Even for devoted Bloomsday celebrants, that revelation is often encrusted in recitations, relics, and drink. This Prospectus proposes the reimagining of Bloomsday as everymansday and everywomansday, an imaginative moment when we see our lives complete — when youth and age, sadness and joy, innocence and experience blend together — and we celebrate the liberation of life and love from the tyranny of history and hate.

PROPOSALS are sought for four (4) independent Activities that collectively will help to usher in the first New Bloomusalem during the week of June 9-16, 2014:

I.   Write a Parable or Poem or Passion Play that captures the vision of Joyce’s Ulysses.  The successful proposal will mirror the novel’s basic storyline, engage a reading public unfamiliar with Joyce’s writing, and provide the outline for Activity II (below).

II.   Orchestrate a free one-day public event in Dublin based on Activity I (above). The successful proposal will attract maximum public participation, utilize public spaces, and be cause for general merriment and celebration in 2014 and annually thereafter.

III.   Host a Dublin-based retreat for Ulysses enthusiasts on Bloomsday weekend in an informal setting with the agenda designed by attendees. The successful proposal will minimize scholarly lecturing, emphasize discussion, and involve attendees in Activity II.

IV.   Devise a social media strategy that brings Activity II to a global community. The successful proposal will provide live or near real-time online video broadcasts, attract extensive traditional media coverage, and reach beyond Dublin-Joyce-literary communities.

Send expressions of interest to Liberate Ulysses, c/o Steve Cole, (Baltimore, Md.), email by October 16, 2013.  Indicate the specific Activity you are interested in. Proposers will be invited to join a LiberateUlysses Collective to pursue funding opportunities.

For Bloomsday 2012, LiberateUlysses successfully crowdfunded the limited edition letterpress book “The Wit & Wisdom of Leopold Bloom.”

Bloom’s Unfinished Lines in the Sand

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On Sandymount strand, after Gerty MacDowell has limped away, Leopold Bloom traces words in the sand with a stick in James Joyce’s Ulysses. How would you finish his unwritten thought?