Yoga Burn (Her Yoga Secrets) Reviews – Does it Really Works Well?

By | May 14, 2016

Today I will create Yoga Burn reviews , one alternative health that have been made Zoe Bray Cotton

Yoga Burn (Her Yoga Secrets)  is basically a fat burning program that aims at giving a perfect shape to the body to women within a very short span of time. It makes losing weight easy without the need to lift heavy weights or spend those tiring hours at the gym.


Zoe Bray Cotton, the famous yoga instructor has come up with this wonderful 12- week plan for healthy weight loss. The program basically has three phases. They are-

  • The phase of foundational flow: This phase is all about forming a strong base of yoga among the beginners so that they can perform the different yoga steps during the program. It also aims at improving the metabolism of the body and gaining a better control over muscles.
  • The phase of transitional flow: The transitional phase basically forms a bridge between the other two phases so that there is a smooth transition for the novices particularly. It also helps in eliminating stress and elevating your mood to a great extent.
  • The phase of Mastery Flow: Here you need to execute all that you have learnt so far. This phase involves the maximum exhaustion and the ultimate burning of fat to give you a well-toned body.

A few key features of the program are:

  • It uses a method called dynamic sequencing where the body is first made to acclimatize with the new movements and then continues with the steps in a more precise manner.
  • It has 15 videos to guide you all throughout.
  • The program is designed in such a way so that the user does not get bored and the exercise does not reach a phase of saturation.


  • It helps in losing weight and getting a feminine body without using pills, drugs or potions and also does not require one to spend hours at the gym lifting weights or  to perform the energy-draining exercises.
  • After purchase, it is very easy to download and install in your system.
  • The sequence changes slowly from lighter to harder steps so that it is easier to adjust.
  • It includes a sequence-wise guide and videos to help you with the steps.
  • Apart from losing weight, it helps you to enjoy all the benefits of professional yoga.
  • One can call or send an e-mail with his or her queries within a month of the purchase to get them solved by Zoe herself.
  • There is a money-back guarantee which is valid till 60 days of purchase.
  • There is an option of returning the product within two days of buying it in case you detect some issues or do not like the product for any personal reason. The great thing is that you do not need to state any reason for the refund.
  • Women can use it irrespective of their profession and age. They can go for it even if they have no previous exposure to yoga.
  • The dynamic sequencing helps the body to adjust to the steps first which is significantly helpful for the novice users.
  • There is a limited time offer which makes it easily affordable for many.
  • It is available in three different packages so that the users can go for the option of their choice.
  • It allows you to practice yoga at the comfortable atmosphere of your home. You do not need to waste time on travelling or sustain the hard workouts at the gym.


  • The product is only available online. So, it becomes a bit inconvenient for users who do not want to take the risk of online payment.
  • Yoga Burn is exclusively designed for the beginners.  Yoga experts may find it boring and too easy to practice. Particularly the initial phases may seem useless to them.
  • Since it is a digital product, it will disappoint people looking for a physical edition.

USPs of the Product:

  1. At yoga sessions you need to grasp the classes amidst other students who might be at a higher or lower level than you in terms of experience and expertise. Yoga Burn overcomes this drawback as it gives you the benefits of individual coaching. It guides you with every single step in such a way so that you never find it difficult to grasp.
  2. Unlike the normal yoga classes, there are changes in the steps- you never reach a plateau. The course of yoga progresses as you grow.
  3. Yoga is often boring for some of us. Yoga burn makes it dynamic and engaging. Since the main aim is to lose weight, things never seem to be mundane.
  4. It is a result-oriented program unlike the normal yoga classes.
  5. It is quite economical as compared to the other yoga programs since yoga classes cost you at least $10-$20 and involve other associated costs as well.
  6. It comes with the bonuses of follow-along audio classes and tranquility flow.

Her-Yoga-Secrets-Reveiw-440x250 Her-Yoga-Secrets-Reveiw1


If you are looking for a program of a reasonable duration for losing weight then Yoga Burn will be the ideal thing for you. It will also prove helpful for those who are not willing to go out of the comfort of their home and attend yoga classes. Yoga burn makes it easier for people from all fitness levels to adapt the steps.  It also spares you from the weight-lifting sessions at the gym which are used by many for losing weight.

If you have been practicing yoga for long, you might find it boring at times. Another problem is that it involves the risk of online payment. However, Yoga Burn overcomes this drawback by forming a tie-up with the Clickbank in order to ensure a risk-free online payment.

So, considering all its positives, Yoga Burn can be the best option for you to lose all those extra calories and get a well-toned figure unless you lack the required patience and dedication to undertake such a program. Women of all ages and professions can try it to get their dream figure.


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