A few words about mobile rationalism, or an interview with Marcin Nowak.

A few words about mobile rationalism, or an interview with Marcin Nowak

Mobile Trends for Business conference is fast approaching – we will see you at it already on May 27-28 in Krakow. To introduce you to the conference, we are starting a series of "3 questions for the speaker". Today, Marcin Nowak, Sales Director and Board Member of Softhis, a software house from Krakow, responds.
If you had to leave only one app on your phone, which one would be your choice and why?

If I had to choose one application, the choice could be only one – mobile web browser. If we consider that it constitutes, along with the email client, a kind of such built-in accessory of the phone as the ability to make calls, then one would have to wonder which application I am not able to replace with a service that runs in the browser, or in the case of which I will lose the most on such replacement. Certainly in the top spot would be the Raiffeisen banking app – I use it for both personal and professional purposes, the cloud drive app – I use OneDrive, but I think I would miss the Google Maps app the most – it is simply irreplaceable.
What is not worth doing, not worth doing in „mobajl”?

It's certainly not worth producing a mobile app for everything – statistics are merciless – the vast majority, if installed at all, are launched only once. Actually you can say – it is not worth making useless apps. You have to really believe in the customer's awareness – they will only use apps that give them some real value – information or entertainment.
You will give a lecture at Mobile Trends for Business. What will your speech be about?
I will talk about the fact that mobile needs rationality. Rationality, which will tell you when it's really worth using a mobile app, and when and how to focus on a proper mobile website. What it should focus on, what it should look like and how it should respond to satisfy our increasingly demanding customers.

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