• June 22, 2022

Apps for parents controlling kids, apps for kids controlling kids. parents.

Apps for parents controlling children, apps for children controlling… parents

Smartphones have invaded every aspect of our lives. Also into family life. Certainly in more than one house arguments have erupted about children spending too much time looking at the screen… however, it turns out that the problem is not one-sided.

Tech in Asia highlighted two creative apps to help both get kids away from smartphones and…attract parents to their children.

Parental control of smartphones

Nowadays, younger and younger kids are getting their hands on smartphones. According to research, it appears that ¾ of children under 8. year olds have access to mobile devices, not to mention older children and teenagers. However, an app has been created to help parents control the content their kids browse on their smartphones, as well as limit the time spent with the phone in hand.
App TimeAway It installs on both the parent’s and the child’s smartphone. Allows parents to monitor and control downloaded apps, block access to devices e.g. for family reunions or meal times, set time limits for individual apps or set your child’s schedule, indicating time to study or go to bed. Some apps can also be blocked completely.

Thanks to the fact that the app is installed on two devices, the child is not too much able to circumvent parental controls. So the solution seems very effective, but quite drastic, and is bound to stir up a lot of youthful rebellion and complaints. So the app’s creator, Tamara Sanderson, who works for Google, suggests that you first set the limits together, during a conversation, and only use the app to enact previous compromises.
The app is available for free in the Google Play store and can be downloaded at this link.