Cortana assistant from Microsoft available for Android and iOS phones.

Cortana assistant from Microsoft available for Android and iOS phones

We are getting closer and closer to the era of "talking hardware," where instead of pressing buttons, we will simply speak to most electronic devices – and they will respond to us.. The Siri assistant has been making life easier for Apple hardware users for several years now. More than a year ago, Microsoft offered its own assistant – Cortana – available on Windows Phone 8 devices.1..

Now the assistant from Microsoft will also be present on Android and iOS phones.
Microsoft is currently working on the next version of the system – Windows 10 – which is expected to be available as early as this summer. The main advantage of the system is supposed to be perfect communication between all the devices you own – smartphone, tablet and computer. The biggest ace, however, is Cortana assistant, for which Microsoft is expected to go beyond the system framework, By making it available on all devices with Android, iOS And of course Windows.
Along with the system update on the PC (which is expected to be free for users of versions 7 and 8), the Cortana assistant will be present on the PC, which of course will also be present on the paired phone. Cortana is expected to facilitate managing mail, appointments or reminders. System differences between Windows Phone and Android or iOS will, of course, still be felt in some way, and Cortana's functionality will be limited – there will be no ability to edit settings, launch apps, as well as summon the assistant via the command "Hey Cortana" – for these features are firmly integrated into a specific system like Windows Phone.

The new version of the Windows operating system will include an application Phone Companion, which will allow a computer to connect to a smartphone, regardless of the type of system installed on it. The app will guide the user through the process of pairing devices. Once the process is complete, by using tools such as OneDrive, OneNote and Office, The user will have access to the same files and messages from all their devices.

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