• June 13, 2022

Endomondo the most popular mobile sports app.

Endomondo the most popular mobile sports app

Research firm IRCenter has released a report on a survey of users of mobile health and sports apps. The results show that one in three Internet users in Poland use these types of solutions. The most popular application among Polish Internet users is Endomondo, which is currently used by 48% of users of such programs.



"Among the apps we surveyed, there is a lack of strong competition and the category has a lot of potential for development – as many as 15% of respondents declare their intention to use this type of app in the future, while 12% do not yet have any knowledge of the category," notes Marcin Krzosek, Managing Director of IRCenter. He also adds that "if you want to effectively promote competitive apps, you should focus on channels and information sources that your target audience trusts."




Source: IRCenter. Survey of mobile health and sports media apps among Internet users, March 2022, representative sample of n=801 active Internet users of the web research panel participants.ReliableResearch.en

IRCenter study found that users of mobile sports and health apps are distinguished by a distinctive demographic profile as well as by the way they use the Internet. They are often young parents, living in large urban centers. Their online and social media activity can be characterized by the terms: informed and practical. They are significantly more active in the blogosphere and on Twitter.

They are eager to store online and are far more likely to search for travel products and services online than the average Internet user.

Also of note is the above-average confidence of health and sports app users in virtually all sources of advertising, except social recommendations. Although recommendations from friends still have the strongest effect on them, they show an increased degree of trust in brands and products that are appropriately positioned in television programs and print advertising. On the other hand, among online sources, they strongly favor information obtained on official channels (e.g. website) over those that appear in discussions on online forums.

The survey also showed differences within the gender of respondents. It turns out that women are more likely to reach for health and sports apps at the urging of family members or friends (60%), while men are more persuaded by advertising communications (63%).