How do I contact Miele?

The Miele Group

Gütersloh, Germany

One may also ask, who owns Miele? The Miele Group Since its founding in 1899, Miele has been owned by the Miele family (51 percent) and the Zinkann family (49 percent). The headquarters for both Miele & Cie.

Thereof, how long is Miele warranty?

Duration The Miele Product Guarantee is effective from the purchase date. Our standard 2 year Guarantee is available on all domestic appliances and vacuum cleaners. Where a 5 or 10 year warranty is offered this extends the standard period of cover by 3 and 8 years respectively.

Is Miele better than Bosch?

Both are excellent. However, you are comparing an upper-level Bosch to the most basic Miele. As such, Miele has better drying capability and a bit better on the wash. Bosch has more cycles, better racks, and for now a more reliable brand (at least this year).

What is Miele known for?

Most known for their line of vacuum cleaners and dishwashers, Miele manufactures a wide range of exceptional major appliances including ovens, cooking surfaces, ventilation hoods, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, as well as the revolutionary built-in coffee system and convection steam oven.

Is Miele a good brand?

Miele brand In many countries Miele is the most coveted brand in its branch of industry. In its German home market, Miele was even voted ‘best brand ever’ across all product branches. People who buy Miele are quality conscious and have style!

Why is Miele so expensive?

Miele’s products are more expensive than the budget end of the white goods market, yet its co-proprietor remains sanguine. “If your product breaks down after five or six years, the cost of the service call is nearly coming to the cost of the machine, so you’re paying for it a second time.

Where is Miele from?

Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany

Are Miele appliances reliable?

According to my experience Miele appliances operate very reliably and just in case I also have a 5 year warranty. I have two washers, two dryers, and three vacuums, all Miele. They are solid and reliable with proper maintenance schedules.

Are Bosch and Miele the same company?

Two of the best names are Miele and Bosch. Both are German but are completely different companies with different products and features. In this article, you will learn a bit about both companies, their wash and dry systems, their reliability based on 34,687 service calls, and some of their new features as well.

Who makes Miele appliances?

Miele Type Kommanditgesellschaft Products Domestic appliances and commercial equipment Revenue €4.16 billion (2018/2019) Owner Miele family (51%) Zinkann family (49%) Number of employees 20,221 (June 30th 2019)

Is Dyson better than Miele?

The main difference between Miele and Dyson vacuums is that Miele’s vacuums use a bag for the dust collection whereas Dyson vacuums are bagless and now even filterless. The technology used by Miele vs Dyson in their vacuums is therefore quite different. Most Mieles are quieter than Dysons.

What is the Miele warranty?

Miele offers you an exclusive warranty of up to 5 years. within 1 year of the original purchase date, you have the opportunity to purchase a Miele Extended Warranty from your retailer or from Miele directly.

Is my Miele under warranty?

All Miele appliances come with a free 2 year guarantee as standard which covers parts and labour. To activate your warranty, please register your appliance. Miele’s commitment to provide the very best range of premium home appliances has won the hearts of consumers all over the world.

Where is Miele serial number?

The serial number of your Miele is located on the silver sticker on your machine. Please see above to locate this sticker on your unit. Your serial number is the 9 digit # that follows “00/”.

How long do Miele washers last?

In theory a Miele washing machine is cheaper to own than the cheapest washing machine in the long run. They are designed to last 20 years or more (under average use). Many cheap washing machines can last only a few years, the average life span is said to be 7 years.

Who has the best washing machine warranty?

Browse the top-ranked list of Washing Machine Warranty below along with associated reviews and opinions. Amana – 3.5 Cu. Ft. 8-Cycle Top-Loading Washer – White. Maytag – 4.3 Cu. Ft. 11-Cycle High-Efficiency Top-Loading Washer – White. Maytag – 5.3 Cu. Ft. Maytag – 5.3 Cu. Ft. Whirlpool – Cabrio 4.3 Cu. Ft.