How do I get from Coco Cay to Nassau Bahamas?

There is no direct connection from Coco Cay to Nassau. However, you can take the travel to Deadman Cay airport, fly to Nassau, then take the taxi to Nassau. Alternatively, you can take the travel to South Andros airport, fly to Nassau, then take the taxi to Nassau.

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One may also ask, do you have to pay for perfect day at Coco Cay? There is no admission fee to visit Perfect Day at CocoCay. Most of the experiences at Perfect Day at CocoCay are complimentary.

Additionally, what is free at Coco Cay Bahamas?

Admission to CocoCay and many of the beach attractions and amenities are free with your cruise, as are snacks and drinks at various Snack Shacks around the island. However, if you want to enjoy some of the more unique experiences and thrilling rides, you will have to pay.

Do you tender at Coco Cay?

A cruise ship pier is being built on the island so all of Royal Caribbean’s ships can dock–including their massive Oasis-class ships. CocoCay will be the second private island where passengers don’t have to use a tender to get to the island (Disney’s Castaway Cay was the first).

Is CocoCay in Nassau Bahamas?

Little Stirrup Cay or CocoCay, Bahamas, is one of the Berry Islands, a collection of cays and small islands, and is located approximately 55 miles north of Nassau. It is used for tourism by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd exclusively.

Does Coco Cay have shopping?

Coco Cay merchandise is only available on the island so be sure to get all of the souvenirs you want prior to returning to the ships. The shop with the Perfect Day at Coco Cay merchandise in just over the bridge on the way to Chill Beach. You can use your Seapass card to make your purchases here.

Can you stay at Coco Cay?

Royal Caribbean is in the midst of building the Perfect Day at CocoCay improvements, which will bring a water park, slides, cabanas and more the island. In April 2017, Michael Bayley brought up the concept of allowing overnight stays in CocoCay.

Does CocoCay have a hotel?

More Accommodation Types in Coco Cay Travelers to Coco Cay will find plenty to explore and enjoy. There are 2 hotels and other accommodations in the surrounding area. The closest major airport is in Great Harbour Cay (GHC), 7.9 mi (12.7 km) from the city center.

Is CocoCay open to the public?

Are all attractions and experiences at Perfect Day at CocoCay now open? All attractions and features scheduled to open through the January 31, 2020 completion phase of the island are now fully open.

Did Coco Cay affect hurricane Dorian?

CocoCay Photos After Hurricane Dorian We glad to report that Royal Caribbean’s private island Perfect Day at CocoCay in the Bahamas has relatively come through with no major damage from Hurricane Dorian.

Can you snorkel at Coco Cay?

CocoCay is Royal Caribbean’s own island in the Bahamas Formerly know as Little Stirrup Cay. CocoCay has AMAZING snorkeling with viz being 100+ ft. The snorkeling area includes two makeshift ship wrecks and two makeshift plane wrecks. We live in South Florida and snorkel / scuba every week.

What is there to do at CocoCay port?

CocoCay Excursions Caylana’s Castle Cove. Opting to be a bit different from other cruise lines, Royal Caribbean built the largest aqua park in the Caribbean on Cococay. Snorkeling. Scuba Diving. Go on a Jet Wave Tour. Kayaking. Glass Bottom Boat Tour. Cococay Nature Walk. Parasailing.

Is food included on Coco Cay?

Food and Drink at Perfect Day at Coco Cay Most of the food at Perfect Day at Coco Cay is included in the cruise price (all food except for Captain Jack’s). One thing to remember is that the restaurants (Chill Grill and Skipper’s Grill) are only open from 11:30 – 3:00.

What can you do for free on Coco Cay?

Free Things to Do on CocoCay Play and Relax on the Beach(es) Get a Picture in Front of the Ship. Play Some Basketball or Volleyball on South Beach. Grab a Drink at the Swim-Up Bar (Included with Drink Package) Get a Free Bite to Eat at the Snack Shack. Play Some Outdoor Games. Swim at the Oasis Lagoon.

What can you do at Coco Cay for free?

What’s Free on Perfect Day at CocoCay? All food and drink at both main dining venues (Chill Grill and Skipper’s Grill) All food and drink at the Snack Shacks. Pool and beach loungers (excluding the private beach club) Umbrellas. Oasis Lagoon pool. Captain Jill’s Galleon (children’s water feature in Arrivals Plaza)

Does CocoCay cost extra?

Royal Caribbean also revealed that a giant new water park it is building at CocoCay will cost $44 to $99 per person for a full day. Other elements of the revamped CocoCay that will come with an extra charge include a new, 1,600-foot-long zip line. It’ll cost $79 to $139 per ride.

Does it cost to go to Coco Cay?

Royal Caribbean is building a huge water park with 13 slides at CocoCay. Access will cost $44 to $99 per person for the full day and $39 to $74 for a half day, with kids three and under admitted free. Visitors to CocoCay will also have to pay for beach umbrellas, water sports equipment rentals and spa services.

How much is a cabana at Coco Cay?

The most luxurious cabanas on Perfect Day at CocoCay (with a price tag to match), the Coco Beach Overwater cabanas cost $999 to $1,599 for up to eight people.