How do I unlock my hot tub?

To unlock the panel, while holding down the “Temperature” button (or the “Up” button if you do not have the “Temperature” button), gently press and release the “Light” button twice.

The spa lock feature is designed to lock the control panel so others can’t mess with the lights, jets, and temperature settings. It’s a useful feature if you like things a certain way and are the only one using the hot tub on a regular basis.

Also, where is the reset button on a Hot Springs hot tub? The reset button is located in the equipment compartment. Plug the spa back into the power source. Check the circulation pump if the spa does not heat while jets and lights are working. This may be caused by the circulation pump thermal cut-off being tripped.

People also ask, how do I reset my hot tub control panel?

A blinking red light on the control panel may indicate it needs to be reset. For most models, you will need to turn off the power to the spa for a minute or two and then turn it back on again. Turn on the lower amp breaker first if you have a hot tub powered by 240 volts.

How do you unlock the Catalina Spa panel?

To unlock the panel, press “Time” “Jets 1” then “Cool.” Press “Warm” or “Cool” then “Time,” “Jets 1,” and “Warm” within 3 seconds to activate the lock. The TL indicator light will light when the set temperature is locked. To unlock the set temperature, press “Warm” or “Cool” then “Time,” “Jets 1” and “Cool.”

How do you turn on a Balboa jacuzzi?

Temp. The last measured water temperature is constantly displayed. Press “Jets 1” to turn pump 1 on or off, and to shift between low and high speeds (if equipped). Press the corresponding button once to turn the device on or off. Your spa will enter Priming Mode ( ) when it is energized.

How do you adjust the temperature on a Balboa hot tub?

To change the set temperature, press a temperature button again before the display stops flashing. Each press of “Warm” or “Cool” will adjust the set temperature. After three seconds, the display will stop flashing and begin to display the current spa temperature.

How do I reset my hot tub jacuzzi?

Reset “616” Code on 2012-2013 J-300 & LX Collection Models: Press and hold the Jets pump 1 and Cooler (-) button at the same time for 3 seconds. Press the Warmer (+) button until the display shows “0”. If the timer has reached “0”, pressing the Jets pump 1 button will reset the counter.

How do you unlock the temperature on a hot tub?

Unlock Temperature Control Press the “Set up” or “Set down” button on your hot tub operating panel. Push the “Time” button. Press “Jets 1,” then “Set down.” A “0” will appear on the screen indicating the temperature control lock is off. The lock symbol will also disappear from the display on the operating panel.

How do you reset a hot spring portable spa?

Check for problems with your power source. Reset the GFCI. Disconnect the power for 30 seconds to reset the thermostat; then check for clogged filters. Deactivate the spa lock.

How do you adjust the temperature on a hot springs spa?

OPTIONS AND TIPS TO SET YOUR HOT TUB TEMPERATURE Choosing and setting the temperature from your control panel is easy. Simply toggle the temperature up or down, one degree at a time. It’s also important to remember that in the summer, ambient air temperature will heat the spa even when the heater is off.

How do you turn on a hot spring portable spa?

To turn on the spa light, press the LIGHT plus (+) button. The light will turn on at maximum intensity and the light symbol will illuminate on the control panel display. To reduce the intensity of the light, press the LIGHT minus (-) button.