How do you cut a bevel mat board?

You want to do it the other way (mat cutter facing the outside of the mat) or else your bevel will be cut the wrong way. To cut the mat, you simply push down the thumb lever and slide the mat cutter up the line while applying pressure. Stop when the mark on the mat cutter reaches the next line.

Place the knife on the mat board with the point of the knife exactly aligned with the top corner of the mat and press hard, straight down, to pierce the board. Turn the work and repeat on the second side of the corner. Creating these “L” shapes at each corner will insure perfect corners in your finished mat.

Secondly, what is the best mat cutter for home use? The 4 Best Mat Cutters for Home Use

  • Comparison Table. What to Look for in Your Mat Cutters.
  • Logan Compact Classic Mat Cutter.
  • Lyfstyle SafeCut Professional Rotary Paper Cutter and Trimmer.
  • Logan Elite 450-1 Artist Mat Cutter.
  • Logan Graphic Products Pull Style Hand Held Mat Cutters.

In this regard, does Michaels do custom matting?

Whether you need a frame for your family portrait or a gallery wall of prints, our Certified Framing Experts can create the custom frame your art deserves. We’ll help you choose the perfect frame from over 450 mouldings, over 300 archival mats and four UV-blocking glazings.

What is a double mount?

A double mount consists of two pieces of mountboard, one cut slightly larger than the other leaving a contrasting line around the image being framed. A double mount leads your eye into the image helping to accentuate the framing.

How do you self mat a picture?

Find Your Artwork. Lay your knife on the outside edge of the page you want to cut from your book. Tape the Back. Lay the page face down on a clean work surface. Attach Mat. Secure Mat and Picture. Frame Artwork.

How does a mat cutter work?

One side has a ruler, the other has a rail that the cutter clicks into. Align the rail side with your cut line. Then, using your thumb push the blade down through the mat. While holding it down, push the cutter forward along the rail.

What is a Dexter mat cutter?

Dexter mat cutter. Dexter Mat Cutter cuts both straight and beveled edges with absolute accuracy with a professional look. It features a smooth chrome plated surface for easy gliding that helps to prevent soiling or marring of the surface you will be cutting.

How do you measure matting of an image?

To determine the opening of the mat, measure the artwork. The mat must cover at least 1/8″ of the artwork on all sides, in order to prevent the edges from peeking through or actually falling through the mat opening. More of the edges of the artwork may be covered if desired, but the very minimum is 1/8″.

What is matboard?

Mat board (aka frame mat, photo mat, matte board) is a board that sits between the glass of your frame and your artwork.