How do you hang a scarf curtain?

Loop the scarf around the middle of the rod for an extra decorative touch. Thread the fabric underneath and behind the curtain rod in the middle, then back up over the top to create a wavy drape in the middle. Hook the scarf on each end of the curtain rod and let the sides hang down evenly.

Drape each end of the scarf slightly and use cable ties to secure it to the rod brackets or posts. Cut the center tie and gently pull out the center drape; if it hangs too low, pull it back on each side. When it looks the way you want and both ends of the scarf are even, pull the cable ties tight to keep it in place.

Also, how do you hang a swag curtain without a rod? Take one of your 3M Command hooks, take off the paper backing on the adhesive strips, and line the hook up on the wall using the pencil mark for guidance. Press it on the surface well, holding for at least 30 seconds, then let it be for at least a half hour. Repeat the same for the other side. Don’t be in a rush.

how do you keep a scarf valance from slipping?

Rod Installation You could also use long push-pins to secure the fabric to the rod. Keep the swag from slipping by attaching the underside of the valance to the top of the rod with two-sided tape.

How do you make a rosette with a window scarf?

Insert the scarf through the scarf holder from behind (nearest the window frame) and poke the scarf out through the center of the holder. Pull the scarf out gently from the front of the holder to make small folds in the scarf that will resemble a rosette. Adjust the fabric rosette until you like how it looks.

How long should a window scarf be?

A standard window scarf is 50 inches wide by 216 inches long. Take into account the length to which you would like your scarves to hang over your curtains or windows.

How do you hang a scarf on the wall?

Steps Measure the scarf’s sides. Spread the scarf over a flat surface and use a ruler to measure its dimensions. Saw a craft dowel to length. Iron the scarf flat. Tack the scarf to the dowel. Cut a piece of ribbon slightly longer than the dowel. Tack the ribbon to the dowel. Hang the ribbon on the wall.

How do you measure a window for a scarf?

How to Measure a Window for a Scarf Valance Measure the height of each window and jot down the measurements. Measure the width of each window, plus the amount the scarf is to extend onto the wall. Measure the distance you want the scarf to drop down on the left and right sides. Add these three figures together to get the approximate length of scarf you need.

How do you hang a scarf valance over vertical blinds?

Dress up vertical blinds with scarf swags. Hem the scarf all the way around so that no raw edges show. Hang the scarf from the existing valance of the vertical blinds or remove the existing valance and use another hanging method. Drape the scarf in swags across the top of the blinds.

How do you tie a scarf in a window?

Thread the end between the fabric and rod and tie a simple knot. Measure 6 inches from the knot and make a fold so that the end of the scarf is toward the knot. Wrap the loose end around the folded fabric twice and then thread the end through the loop of the fold.

How do you hang a window scarf with a sconce?

Place the large end of the sconce keyhole hanger over the screw head and slide downward until the hanger top rests firmly on the screw. If the sconce wobbles or doesn’t hang straight, secure it in place with small balls of poster putty pressed between the base of the sconce and the wall.

How do you dress a window with voile and curtains?

Wrap the voile curtain around a rod rather than hanging it in the traditional sense, creating a scarf. Leave tails on either end, letting them drape down the sides of the window. Pair this with additional panels, blinds or shades hung over the window, or let the sheer frame the window on its own.

Can I hang curtains without a rod?

Coat Hooks Loop the holes through each hook to hang your curtains. Coat hooks are easier to hang than traditional curtain rod hardware and don’t require drilling. Curtain hooks are best for decorative windows that don’t need to be adjusted often.

How do you wrap a voile curtain rod?

Symmetrical Lay the scarf out straight and fold in half. Place the center of the scarf on the center of the curtain rod and attach with a large binder clip or a piece of masking tape. Wrap the scarf over the curtain rod several times on each side of the clip. Pull down the draping on each wrap to create a swag effect.

How do you drape curtains over a bed?

Place marks on the ceiling where you want the curtain rods to hang on each side of the bed. Ask an assistant to hold the rods against the ceiling. Use a carpenter’s level to ensure the rods are straight and will hang parallel to the length of the bed. Mark the center of the rod on the ceiling.

How do you hang voiles and swags?

Start by hanging one end of the swag over one end of the rod. Then, hang the other end of the swag over the other end of the rod. Let the fabric in the middle drape down. When you’re finished, the draped fabric in the center should look like a regular curtain swag.

How do you hang swag curtains with knots in corners?

Adjust the swags and the curtain to ensure that both hanging sides are equal and the swags are how you want them. Carefully grasp one side of the curtain where it meets the end of the drapery rod. Fold it in half to make a loop and pull the hanging side through the loop to create a loose knot.