How do you use emdogain?

Apply PrefGel onto clean root surfaces for 2 min, then rinse with sterile saline solution & avoid blood on the root surface. Immediately apply Straumann Emdogain onto the exposed root surfaces, starting apically. Mix remaining Straumann Emdogain with the bone graft material and fill it into the defect void.

SStraumann® Emdogain® is a well-researched, easy-to-apply gel containing enamel matrix derivative originating from unerupted porcine tooth buds. As a component of embryonic tissues it is designed to promote predictable regeneration of hard and soft tissues lost due to periodontal disease or trauma.

Beside above, what is PrefGel? Straumann® PrefGel® is an EDTA-containing gel that is used to remove the smear layer on the exposed dentin surface and to provide optimal binding conditions of the proteins of Straumann® Emdogain® and subsequently the blood clot to the root surface.

Considering this, how does emdogain work?

Emdogain uses proteins – which your body produces naturally – to regenerate lost gum tissue, bone, and the structures that anchor teeth to bone. After an anesthetic is applied, your periodontist will expose the root by a small surgical incision. They will then clean and apply Emdogain to the root surface.

How long does it take for emdogain to work?

The Emdogain material is recognized by the body as belonging and therefore not rejected. It will be completely resorbed by the body. After about two weeks, 75% of the tooth surface is covered with the newly developing tooth tissues.

How much does a Straumann implant cost?

Bottom line is that it’s possible to save $100 – $300 by choosing a more affordable implant, but the whole tooth restoration with an implant will cost around $3000 – $5000.

What is periodontal plastic surgery?

Periodontal plastic surgery is performed to lay the groundwork for restorative and cosmetic dentistry including crowns, bridges and veneers, in order to improve the look of the gum line. Crown lengthening involves reshaping excess gum and bone tissue to reveal more of your natural teeth.