How does the wife in the story cathedral know Robert?

The wife doesn’t understand. Robert tells the narrator to close his eyes and keep drawing, and the narrator does so. Soon Robert tells him to open his eyes and see what he’s drawn, but the narrator doesn’t open them. He knows he’s in his own home, but he feels like he’s nowhere.

Apparently, his wife and Robert have been corresponding by audio tape for the past ten years. She met Robert in Seattle one summer before she got married to a man training to be an officer in the Navy. On her last day on the job she let Robert touch her face, then she wrote a poem about it.

Also, for what reason does the wife keep asking Robert? There is another reason the wife keeps asking Robert if he’d like to go to bed: she is displeased that her husband (the narrator) is sharing dope (cannabis) with Robert: My wife came back downstairs wearing her pink robe and her pink slippers. “What do I smell?” she said.

Beside this, how does the narrator in Cathedral change?

The act of drawing a cathedral with Robert with his eyes closed, however, lets the narrator look inside himself and understand the greater meaning. As a result, his description of the cathedral takes on a more human element, which liberates the narrator and allows him to truly see for the first time.

What is the wife’s name in Cathedral?

Robert visits the narrator and his wife after his own wife, Beulah, dies. He is a caring, easygoing man who sets even the narrator at ease.

What does blindness symbolize in Cathedral?

Blindness Symbol Analysis. In “Cathedral,” blindness has a two-fold meaning. It represents both Robert’s lack of sight and the narrator’s more intangible failures of perception: his inability to understand other people’s feelings and his inability to find meaning or joy in his life.

Is Robert in Cathedral a flat or round character?

Robert is the other main character of the story. He is round but static. He seems nice but also comes off as very annoying. He keeps calling the husband “bub” and he eats with his fingers sometimes.

What is the setting of the story cathedral?

The basic setting of the story is a middle-class home somewhere in New York, over a single evening. In a story called “Cathedral” one might expect setting to be a little more complicated than that. For the narrator, the literal setting of the story, his home, is not his problem.

In what narrative voice is the story cathedral written?

Point of View. Carver uses a first-person narrator to tell the story of “Cathedral” to emphasize the bewildering aspects of the transcendent moment that he relates in the story.

Who wrote cathedral?

Raymond Carver

How does the protagonist change in Cathedral?

At the beginning of “Cathedral,” the narrator/protagonist appears to be obtuse and clueless about people who have handicaps. The fact that his wife’s friend and former employer is blind and is going to visit them throws him off balance, and he makes inappropriate observations and comments.

Who is the protagonist in the story cathedral?


What happens at the end of Cathedral?

Carver finishes “Cathedral” with a “zero ending,” leaving the narrator with his eyes closed, imagining the cathedral he has just drawn with Robert. A zero ending is an ending that doesn’t neatly tie up the strands of a story. The narrator has not become a new person or achieved any kind of soul-changing enlightenment.

What is the theme of Cathedral?

The main theme of the story is that intimacy involves much more than surface interaction and that it is the act of active listening which inspires understanding and devotion. In the story, the narrator finds it perplexing that his wife is so attached to her blind friend, Robert.

What does the narrator learn from his encounter with Robert?

From his encounter with Robert (also known throughout the story as “the blind man”), the narrator learns that his stereotypical preconceptions as to what the blind should look like are wrong.

Is the narrator a sympathetic protagonist?

The narrator in Cathedral is a sympathetic protagonist. At first the connection with the narrator was negative due to is ironic lack of sympathy for the blind man and his stereotypical comments. Towards the end of the story, the true colors are shown and we realize that he is lacking outlook and meaningful life ideas.

Would you describe the narrator as an anti hero?

An antihero is merely a protagonist who lacks heroic qualities, as most people do. An antihero can still be a likeable and engaging narrator, perhaps more so than a traditional hero. The narrator does display sensitivity early in the story.

How has the narrator’s relationship with her husband changed?

The narrator’s relationship with her husband has changed because of a supernatural influence that she can’t exactly explain or fathom. Her husband is alienated because of this, and somehow she feels that they don’t belong together anymore. He goes out to find those who are like him.

What is the name of the narrator in Cathedral?

The most important character in the short story “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver is the first-person narrator. However, we will also focus on the character of Robert (the blind man), as he is an important part of the plot.