How early can you arrive at Alamo Drafthouse?


30 minutes

Similarly, does Alamo Drafthouse have an age limit? All patrons must be 18 years or older or be accompanied by a parent. For certain select shows the age polices may vary, but children must always be accompanied by a parent. For details about the age policy for a specific show, please check the show description page.

Regarding this, does Alamo Drafthouse let you in late?

So, beginning today, we implement a change that is several months overdue. All patrons must be seated by the time the feature begins. Any late arrivers will be allowed to shift their tickets to later shows or receive a refund, whichever is more helpful.

Can you bring food into Alamo Drafthouse?

No, you are not required to purchase food/drink @ Alamo or any other Dine-in theater. They want you to come as often as possible, even if it means with moviepass, so you‘re more likely to buy food/beer. But it’s not required to buy food/drink.

Do you tip at Alamo Drafthouse?

Tip. If it’s anything like the Alamo Drafthouse it’s perfect wait service, they only stop by when you need something.

Do Alamo Drafthouse seats recline?

In addition to superior AV equipment, Mueller will be furnished with over-sized reclining theater seats and individual tables. The Alamo also offers online reserved seating in all auditoriums so you can avoid lines at the theater and always choose your favorite seat.

Can you conceal carry at Alamo Drafthouse?

Open Carry Only concealed licensed handguns are allowed on our property*.

How much does the Alamo Drafthouse pay?

Average Alamo Drafthouse Cinema hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.48 per hour for Kitchen Team Member to $13.42 per hour for Kitchen Manager. The average Alamo Drafthouse Cinema salary ranges from approximately $20,000 per year for Cook to $63,529 per year for Chef.

Does Alamo Drafthouse serve breakfast?

Brooklyn’s Alamo Drafthouse to start serving brunch. Launching on Memorial Day Weekend, the Alamo’s first ever brunch menu will include dishes like breakfast tostadas, a morning pizza with bacon and eggs, and a spring-vegetable frittata with grilled bread, overseen by chef Ronnie New (San Francisco’s Comstock Saloon).

Does Alamo Drafthouse serve liquor?

In every theater you’ll find over 30 beers on tap in addition a full selection of handcrafted cocktails, bottled beers, soft drinks and award-winning milkshakes.

Does Alamo Drafthouse take cash?

If you leave cash or a credit card on the bill promptly, you’ll have your change or receipts ready for you by the time the credits are rolling so you can head out into the night and start debating the merits of the film you just watched.

Is Alamo Drafthouse expensive?

General Admission to the Alamo Drafthouse is $10 for all shows after 6pm Monday – Thursday ($12.50 for 3D) and $10.50 for all shows after 6pm Friday – Sunday ($13.50 for 3D). Special programming ticket prices do vary, so check the individual show listing for details.

Does Alamo Drafthouse have senior discounts?

Discounts are available for students, military personnel, and guests with disabilities at the box office. Seniors (60+) can get into weekday shows before 2pm for only $6. This offer is available at the box office only. The Alamo Drafthouse Theater box office opens 45 minutes before all scheduled show times.

Does Alamo Drafthouse have student discount?

College students and guests with disabilities will get a discount of $1 off all ticket pricing (excluding the Late Night discounted ticket). All shows before 6pm are matinee price of $7, matinee 3D tickets are $10. Shows after 10pm Sunday – Thursday are $6.

Is Alamo Drafthouse an AMC theater?

AMC Theatres vs. This installment features two leading movie theater chains in the U.S., AMC Theatres and Alamo Drafthouse. While AMC is now the leading theater chain globally, Texas-based Alamo Drafthouse is expanding rapidly as well.

What is a movie party at Alamo Drafthouse?

At an Alamo Drafthouse Movie Party, you can cheer for your heroes, boo the bad guys, shout out your favorite lines, and even sing along with the songs – all in a theater packed with fellow fans.

Are babies allowed at Alamo Drafthouse?

No children under the age of 3 will be allowed and families with loud children will be asked to leave. Alamo for All – A movie program for guests with special needs and new parents. All ages are welcome.

Are Alamo Drafthouse tickets refundable?

There are two ways to request a refund – online and in person. If you are a Victory member who purchased a ticket via or the Alamo Drafthouse mobile app, you can request a refund of your ticket, minus the online booking fee, via the mobile app.