• June 20, 2022

In the US, smartphones generate more transactions than tablets.

In the US, smartphones generate more transactions than tablets

Among the 25 percent. America's largest online stores 40 percent. e-commerce transactions come from mobile devices, while average order value catches up with desktop levels.
Criteo, a performance marketing technology company, has released its Q4 2022 State of Mobile Commerce Report, providing the e-commerce industry with key insights into mobile shopping behavior and trends. Mobile devices now account for more than 30 percent globally. of all e-commerce transactions and for more than 27 percent of. Internet transactions in the United States.

The report paints a picture of a world where mobile is beginning to overtake other, traditional forms of shopping.
"The market has so far had insufficient data on mobile commerce, which has caused many marketers to underestimate the potential of this channel." – says Jonathan Wolf, Chief Product Officer at Criteo. "The State of Mobile Commerce report illuminates the situation in the global market and in the United States, using data resources derived from billions of transactions. Report shows that mobile devices are now associated with shopping and not just searching for deals. E-commerce companies have a huge opportunity to increase sales on mobile, primarily in the retail and travel industries.

We expect that with the increase in the use of mobile devices and better optimization of mobile sites for conversions, mobile sales will skyrocket and instantly reach 50 percent of the. of all transactions.".
The information contained in the report is based on Criteo's analysis of individual transaction data from more than 3,000. advertisers around the world. Key findings: