Is Balsam Hill a Hallmark company?

The company has partnered with Balsam Hill and Toyota for the Hallmark Channel’s Holiday Home Decoration Sweepstakes, which begins today. The winner will receive a full interior and exterior holiday home transformation, including décor from Balsam Hill, which makes artificial Christmas trees, candles and decorations.

Each of our Balsam Hill Christmas trees is conceived by our internal team in California, designed by our designers, and prototyped in our R&D center in China before they are made by hand in China.

Likewise, do any stores sell Balsam Hill Christmas Trees? Balsam Hill Retail Stores Balsam Hill designs stunningly realistic artificial Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands that fill your home with the spirit of the holidays. With the help of our knowledgeable customer service associates, you will be able to find the perfect Balsam Hill Christmas tree for your family.

In respect to this, where is Balsam Hill company located?

Northern California

Who is the CEO of Balsam Hill?

Mac Harman – Founder & CEOBalsam Brands | LinkedIn.

What is the most popular Balsam Hill Christmas Tree?

The Fraser fir is the most popular Christmas tree because of its ideal full shape. It makes a beautiful holiday tree with its silvery-green, inch-long needles that are soft to the touch.

What are the best artificial Christmas trees?

The Best Artificial Christmas Tree Our pick. National Tree Company 7.5-foot Feel Real Downswept Douglas Fir (PEDD1-D12-75) Upgrade pick. Balsam Hill 7.5-foot Vermont White Spruce Flip Tree Color + Clear LED. Budget pick. Home Accents Holiday 7.5-foot Unlit Dunhill Fir. Also great. National Tree Company 7.5-foot Winchester White Pine (WCHW7-300-75) Also great.

How long do Balsam Hill trees last?

BALSAM HILL™ 60-DAY CLEARANCE LIMITED WARRANTY The limited warranty on clearance trees is the same as that described on this page for all other artificial Christmas trees, but it only lasts for 60 days.

What is the best Balsam Hill tree?

If you didn’t grow up with a real tree, then I’d recommend the Vermont White Spruce (you just can’t go wrong with this tree – it is full, gorgeous, and versatile) or the BH Noble Fir (note it is a green-gray color). The BH Blue Spruce (a blue-green color) is pretty awesome, too.

How much does a Balsam Hill Christmas tree cost?

Artificial Christmas Trees from $900 to $1200 | Balsam Hill.

Where is the best place to buy artificial Christmas trees?

Best artificial Christmas trees The Holiday Aisle 6.5-Foot Green Fir Tree with Colored & Clear Lights ($221.42, originally $574.99, Best Choice Products 6-Foot Pine Tree Holiday Decoration w/ Metal Stand ($43.99, 7-Foot North Valley Spruce Tree ($106.54, originally $137.99;

Does Balsam Hill have a Black Friday sale?

Balsam Hill’s 2016 Black Friday Sale. Balsam Hill offers discounts and deals on our artificial Christmas trees, ornaments, and accessories this Black Friday. Today, we present a selection of premium décor that are perfect for use in your holiday home or as a thoughtful Christmas gift for a loved one.

Do Balsam Hill trees contain lead?

Retailers like Redwood, Calif. -based Balsam Hill, which provides high-end fake trees that mimic natural varieties, claim their products are flame-retardant, long-lasting and allergy-free “with no messy needles and cleanup,” says Thomas Harman, Balsam Hill’s founder and CEO. “Our trees do not contain lead.

Where do Balsam Hill trees ship from?

Currently, Balsam Hill ® ships to the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

What are Balsam Hill trees made of?

Made from resilient PVC plastic, these needles are cut into fine strands to mimic the effect of evergreen needles, but are not very realistic. At Balsam Hill, Classic Needle tips comprise much of the foliage used in our collection of affordable traditional trees.

What is a flip tree?

Living / Christmas. These cool new Christmas Flip Trees are beautiful, natural-looking artificial Christmas trees that are simple to setup, rotate for ornament hanging, and move on their rolling stands for easy storage without heavy lifting.

What does hinged Christmas tree mean?

Artificial trees come with two types of branches: hooked or hinged. Hooked branches must be attached individually to assigned spots on the central pole. Hinged branches are permanently affixed and thus easier to set up. Trees with hooked branches cost less than trees with hinged branches.

How do I choose an artificial Christmas tree?

Consider your space and needs when choosing an artificial Christmas tree. The Right Size. The Right Shape. Pre-Decorated. Types of Branches. The Best Material. Number of Attached Tips. The Attached Stand.

What does balsam smell like?

When something is referred to as being Balsam-like or Balsamic, it means the scent has the aroma is like a resin which can range from sweet, amber-y and vanilla-like, to vanilla, cinnamon, though usually of a slightly woody nature.