• June 15, 2022

Mobile assistance on All Saints’ Day.

Mobile assistance on All Saints’ Day

The end of October is a time when some of us are focused on celebrating Halloween, while others are slowly giving up reverie and planning to visit the graves of loved ones who have died on All Saints Day, 1. November. While Halloween is slowly making its way into Poland and many people celebrate the day on the 31st of. October, we want to focus on the mobile version of the holiday, which is All Saints’ Day.

Here are the apps that can help you find a quick way to the cemetery or the graves of loved ones on this day.

Grave finders

The largest and most famous cemeteries in Poland – eg. Warsaw’s Powazki Cemetery or Krakow’s Rakowicki Cemetery – have an area of more than 40 hectares, while, for example, the. The Central Cemetery in Szczecin is as large as 167.8 hectares.

In such a large area, it is easy to get lost on the way to the graves of loved ones, especially if you want to visit several (or a dozen) graves that day. Help in finding the way to the grave is offered by several – unfortunately few- mobile applications.
Warsaw’s cemetery has its own mobile app – iPowązki. The application allows you to locate the graves of the deceased over the last 200 years, displays information about the deceased and navigates cemetery visitors to selected graves. The app is rated 3.8. Quite a few users appreciate the functionality of the navigation, but complain about the poor quality of the photos – however, the basic, navigational function is preserved, for which a plus is due.

The application, compared to others with similar themes, is also distinguished by quite aesthetically pleasing visuals.
Residents of Szczecin, visitors Central Cemetery can use the help of the app Szczecin Cemeteries. Its rating, compared to iPowazek, is slightly higher at 4.4, despite the app’s slightly weaker visuals. The app gets a lot of complimentary feedback from users, who appreciate the accurate indication of the route to the graves and the possibility to choose the access from a specific gate.
The app also enjoys good reviews Poznan’sSacred Poznań. In the application you can find not only individual cemeteries and graves, but also churches. A plus is that in one app cognoscenti will find graves from all over the city.

For locating graves in Poznan, there is also an app Grave locator.
Also Zielona Gora has its own grave locator app – Polish Cemeteries, however, it is not popular – at the moment only a few hundred people have downloaded it (100-500 downloads).