Must-have among iPhone apps according to Pawel Sala.

"Must-have" Among iPhone apps according to Pawel Sala

Pawel Sala, co-founder and managing director of FreshMail, for whom email is a major tool as well as an area of work, today answers „3 questions for the speaker”. In the interview, he talks about his favorite and also most important iPhone apps (and at the same time, of course, his favorite mobile email clients) and reveals what his speech at the Mobile Trends for Business conference will be about.
What is your favorite app and why?

It's hard to talk about one favorite app, as each has a slightly different use. For me, on the other hand, the iPhone is a tool for work. Therefore, I can not imagine this device without the following set of applications: – §- A revolutionary app for managing one's email, which not only makes it easy to write back to an email, but also makes it extremely easy to control the avalanche of emails I get in my mailbox every day. At the same time, it was the first app to allow users to use the full potential of gestures to intuitively manage emails. Plus Omnifocus – as an app for GTD and managing your shuffles, Evernote for taking and managing notes and Pocket – which allows them to take advantage of free moments on the go and catch up on reading interesting articles.

Of course, there is more – while a smartphone would not be so smart if it were not for all the applications that help us every day ;).
If you had to leave only one app on your phone, which one would be your choice and why?
It would definitely be a mailbox – I on average get about 4500 messages a month, which is more than 200 a day. I also travel frequently, which makes me unable to take on certain tasks on a regular basis. Mailbox allows me to embrace all the confusion of emails and focus on those that are most important/urgent – so that everything that needs to be done – is done.
Will give a lecture at Mobile Trends for Business. What your speech will be about?
At the conference, I will talk about how email checking trends are changing and how the small screen is starting to gain a bigger share of the phenomenon. More importantly, as the way people check email changes, so does the way it is perceived as a marketing channel. That's why it's becoming important for marketers to not only adjust their operations in terms of technology, but also to be mindful of issues related to the other needs of audiences who check mobile mail.

During my speech I will also talk about how to make good use of both mobile and traditional channel in email marketing – all supported by interesting examples.

Pawel Sala

FreshMail co-founder and managing director. Expert on. email marketing, trainer, manager, consultant. Managing director of FreshMail, a company specializing in full-service email marketing activities.

For his effective email marketing campaigns, he has been repeatedly recognized and awarded at competitions such as Golden Arrow, WebStar Creative, Kreatura and Mixx Awards. Author of the book „A fresh approach to email marketing”, and co-author of others. He also publishes in magazines such as Marketing in Practice, Marketer +, Media and Marketing, Modern Management, Press and many others.

Speaker at industry conferences and lecturer at universities (including Kozminski University, AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow University of Economics).

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