• June 6, 2022

No more Nokia – Microsoft Lumia 535 begins the Lumia era from under the Microsoft banner.

No more Nokia – Microsoft Lumia 535 begins the Lumia era from under the Microsoft banner

The time has come to say goodbye to the Nokia banner. Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled its first smartphone released as the Microsoft Lumia – and not, as before, the Nokia Lumia. From now on, all new Lumia-signed models will already carry the Microsoft logo on them (existing Nokias will remain Nokias).

The full name of the new model is Microsoft Lumia 535.
Back in September, new Nokia Lumia models appeared on the market, advertised as good smartphones at a low price. Also, the new Microsoft Lumia model is a low-budget phone, reminiscent of its brethren – the Nokias. Microsoft hasn’t scheduled the launch of any flagship devices for this year, focusing on just cheaper models running on – how else – Windows Phone 8.1.

This is expected to help drive sales.
Microsoft Lumia 535 has a 5-inch display, a quad-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz and 1GB of RAM. Built-in memory holds 8GB of data (memory can be expanded with a microSD card). Microsoft is promoting the phone under the slogan “5x5x5”, that is:

  • 5-inch screen;
  • 5-megapixel front camera;
  • 5 pre-installed applications – Skype, Office, OneDrive, Cortana and OneNote.

While the good display and front camera are noteworthy, especially for selfie fans, unfortunately – the apps are no longer anything special to attract users. All of the above services, except Cortana, work better on other operating systems than Windows Phone, so there’s not much to brag about – it’s not something any other smartphone offers us.
The phone will be sold in a number of colorful iterations that are specific to Lumia – green, blue, orange, white and black. The color of the casing will be changeable. There will be versions for one or two SIM cards.
Microsoft Lumia 535 will go on sale later this month in the Asia-Pacific region – China, India and Russia. It will also be sold in Africa and Europe at a later date. Its price will be about 110 euros (or $135), depending on the region.

This equates to a price of about 450-500 zlotys.