What are Chipper Jones sons names?

Larry Wayne Jones III

Tristen Jones Son Larry Wayne Jones III Son Matthew Jones Son Shea Jones Son

One may also ask, who is Chipper Jones wife? Taylor Higgins m. 2015 Sharon Logonov m. 2000–2012 Karin Fulford m. 1992–1999

Moreover, why did Chipper Jones name his son Shea?

They have three sons: Larry Wayne III (Trey), Tristen, and Shea, named after Shea Stadium because of Jones’s great success in the stadium. As of June 14, 2012, Jones and his wife Sharon had separated.

Do Chipper Jones sons play baseball?

Son of Atlanta Braves great Andruw Jones commits to Vanderbilt baseball. Druw Jones, the son of Atlanta Braves great Andruw Jones, has committed to play baseball at Vanderbilt. The sophomore outfielder at Wesleyan High School outside of Atlanta, announced his decision on his Twitter account.

Is Chipper Jones an only child?

Tristen Jones Son Larry Wayne Jones III Son Matthew Jones Son Shea Jones Son

How much money is Chipper Jones worth?

Chipper Jones net worth and salary: Chipper Jones is an American retired professional baseball player who has a net worth of $110 million dollars. Larry Wayne Jones, Jr. was born in DeLand, Florida in April 1972. He was nicknamed Chipper for being a “chip off the old block” of his father Larry.

What age did Chipper Jones retire?

Third baseman Chipper Jones will retire at the end of the 2012 season, the Atlanta Braves said. The third baseman, who has spent his entire 18-year career with Atlanta, has battled injuries the past several seasons and actually decided to retire in 2010, only to change his mind.

What’s Chipper Jones real name?

Larry Wayne Jones, Jr.

What position did Chipper Jones?


How many Grand Slams does Chipper Jones have?

6 grand slams

Did Chipper Jones win a Gold Glove?

He won 16 Gold Gloves. Only Greg Maddux (18) has ever won more and pitcher isn’t exactly a premium defensive position. Robinson took the MVP in 1964 and finished in the top five four other times. Jones: The eight-time All-Star won the MVP in 1999 along with two Silver Sluggers and the 2008 batting title.

Where did Chipper Jones go to high school?

The Bolles School T. Dewitt Taylor Middle-High School

Did Chipper Jones ever pitch?

Chipper Jones. He was the premier position player on the Atlanta Braves of the 1990s and 2000s, a club defined by its pitching. At the end of his 19 years in the big leagues – all with the Braves – Jones had totaled 2,726 hits, 468 home runs and more walks (1,512) than strikeouts (1,409).

Is Chipper Jones working for the Braves?

Jones is as happy as he has ever been. He’s a roving minor-league instructor with the Braves. He works with young prospects and makes his own schedule. He’s in Florida for his third spring training since former team president John Schuerholz brought him back into the fold in the winter of 2015.

What glove did Chipper Jones use?

Chipper wears a glove almost identical to the Mizuno Classic Pro GCC53S. The glove in the feature is Chipper’s game glove, which as you can see has his own logo emblazoned on the palm. You can’t get this one online, but the GCC53S can be customized to get Chipper’s look, though he has different multi-colored lacing.

What was Chipper Jones number?

10 Atlanta Braves / Infielder

Why did Chipper move to left field?

In 1997, Pendleton was gone and Chipper was back where he belonged, at third base. When Castilla departed Atlanta for Colorado after the 2003 season, Chipper remained in left field as the Braves experimented with the idea of Mark Derosa as the everyday third baseman.

Did Chipper Jones go to college?

The Bolles School T. Dewitt Taylor Middle-High School