What is a flow in Salesforce?

Flow is an application inside the Salesforce that automates a business process by collecting data and performing operations in your org or an external system. Flow can fetch, delete, update and create records on multiple objects. Flows in Salesforce can be implemented in two ways. Screen Flows.

It is mainly used when you have to display or collect information through screens making it more visible to the users. Workflow on the other hand execute pre-defined rules behind the scenes. They are used to process information rather than collecting it.

Furthermore, how do I create a flow in Salesforce? Start a Flow with a Process

  1. Create and activate the autolaunched flow for the process to launch.
  2. Create the process that you plan to launch this flow from. For details, see “Create a Process” in the Salesforce Help.
  3. Add a “Flows” action to the process. For Flow, search for and select the flow that you created.
  4. Activate the process.

Also, what is flow in Salesforce with example?

A Visual Flow allows you to automate complex business processes. Flows contain variables, resources, and actions. Visual Flows aren’t tied to any one object in Salesforce. They can look up, create, update, and delete records for multiple objects.

What is Flow interview in Salesforce?

A flow interview is a running instance of a flow. A flow is an application built by your administrator that asks you for inputs and does something in Salesforce based on those inputs.

How do flows work in Salesforce?

Flows can look up, create, update, and delete Salesforce records. They can also create Chatter posts, submit records for approval, and send emails. If your action isn’t possible out of the box, call Apex code from the flow. Connect your flow to an external database by using core actions or Apex actions.

What is Autolaunched flow?

Autolaunched flows run in bulk and without user interaction. They can’t contain steps, screens, choices, or dynamic choices in the active or latest flow version. When a flow user invokes an autolaunched flow, the active flow version is run.

What are lightning flows?

Lightning Flow is a new Lightning Platform service that empowers any business to create and extend the power of process automation to any customer or employee experience. Lightning Flow brings together several innovations native to the Lightning Platform, including: Lightning Flow Components.

How do I edit a flow in Salesforce?

To modify a flow, open it in the Cloud Flow Designer. You can’t save changes to an active flow version. You can, however, open an active version of a flow, modify it, and then save as a new version or a new flow. From Setup, enter Flows in the Quick Find box, then select Flows.

What is flow builder?

Flow Builder was created with our newest and most innovative front-end technologies to give you the best flow building experience yet. As you know, Cloud Flow Designer has been a part of the Lightning Platform for many years (since 2012, in fact!).

What is approval process in Salesforce?

Salesforce approval process. Salesforce approval process is an automated process and your organization can use to approve records in Salesforce, An approval process is combination of steps for a record to be approved and person has to approve it each step. Select Object for the new approval process.

What is Salesforce cloud flow designer?

Cloud Flow Designer is a point-and-click tool that lets you automate business processes by building flows. A flow is an application that automates a business process by collecting data and doing something in your Salesforce org or an external system.

What is flow trigger in Salesforce?

Define a Flow Trigger for Workflow (Pilot) Create a flow trigger so that you can launch a flow from workflow rules. With flow triggers, you can automate complex business processes—create flows to perform logic, and have events trigger the flows via workflow rules—without writing code.

What is a process in Salesforce?

Process Builder Salesforce is basically an automated tool that allows you to control the order of actions or evaluate the criteria for a record. It has eight actions associated with it: Submitting the record automatically for approval: The record that started your process can be submitted.

What is a flow trigger?

[trig´er] an event that stimulates initiation of a subsequent event or process. flow trigger a trigger for initiating assisted ventilation, consisting of a mechanism for measuring the patient’s inspiratory effort and starting of assisted ventilation when flow reaches a given level.