What is meant by people’s bard?

noun. (formerly) a person who composed and recited epic or heroic poems, often while playing the harp, lyre, or the like. one of an ancient Celtic order of composers and reciters of poetry. any poet. the bard, William Shakespeare.

Ajar, to the bard. OPE.

Also, how do you use Bard in a sentence? bard Sentence Examples

  1. He was the national bard of justice, humanity and reform, whose voice went up as a trumpet until the victory was won.
  2. The bard will exaggerate or distort his story.
  3. The Bard of the Dimbovitza was first published in 1891, and was soon reissued and expanded.

Likewise, what is the best synonym for Bard?

Synonyms for bard

  • balladeer.
  • minstrel.
  • poet.
  • versifier.
  • rhapsodist.
  • strolling minstrel.

What does progue mean?

progue. Noun. (plural progues) (Scotland, US, dialect) A sharp point; a goad.

What do bards wear?

Bards tend to wear light armor such as leather and carry one-handed weapons such as the longsword or rapier. They frequently carry musical instruments which serve as the tools of their trade.

What is meaning of Bard of blood?

The Bard of Blood title is a reference to the lead character, Kabir Anand aka. Adonis, as once he retired from the world of espionage, he took to teaching. Not only that but he became a professor of Shakespeare. We first meet Kabir in Mumbai where he’s teaching but is quickly persuaded to enter the fray.

What is a bard in fantasy?

The bard is a standard playable character class in many editions of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. The bard class is versatile, capable of combat and of magic (divine magic in earlier editions, arcane magic in later editions). Bards use their artistic talents to induce magical effects.

What is a group of bards called?

A Group of Bards is Called a ‘Troupe’

What does the name Bard mean?

The name Bard is a boy’s name of Irish origin meaning “minstrel, poet”.

Where does the name Bard come from?

Bard Name Meaning. Scottish: occupational name from Gaelic bàrd ‘poet’, ‘minstrel’, ‘singer’. See also Baird. Scottish: perhaps also a habitational name (early forms such as Henry de Barde and Richard de Baard are recorded, and ‘de’ usually signifies ‘from’), but no suitable place has been identified.

What is a traveling bard?

Traveling Bard is a radiant character in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. These bards are a part of the Dawnguard radiant quest “Hide and Seek,” or the vampire radiant quest “The Hunt.” The Dragonborn is required to kill them, as they are members of the opposing faction in disguise.

Do bards still exist?

Absolutely, though we go by different job titles nowadays mostly. Today we’re referred to as “singer-songwriters” or “composer-lyricits” or by some other coupling of terms for musicians who are at home in many areas of creation and performance of songs. Probably the best known living bard is Paul McCartney.

What is the full meaning of Bard?

BARD – Better Accessible and Responsible Development BARD – Briefing And Reference Database.

What is the synonym of singer?

Synonyms of ‘singer’ He was playing a banjo and garbed in a minstrel’s outfit. soloist. cantor. troubadour. melodies like a medieval troubadour’s laments.

What do you mean by Laureate?

noun. a person who has been honored for achieving distinction in a particular field or with a particular award: a Nobel laureate. poet laureate.

What do you call a poet?

poet. n. writer, poemwriter, bard, versifier, dilettante, minstrel, troubadour, jongleur, verse maker, maker of verses, scribbler of verses, metrist, lyrist, parodist, author, lyricist, librettist, dramatic poet, dramatist, lyric poet, writer of lyrics, rhymester, poetaster; see also artist 1, writer.

What is the synonym of Muse?

Synonyms: contemplation, meditation, revery. muse(v) Synonyms: contemplate, ruminate, brood, ponder, mull, reflect.

What is the synonym of cacophony?

Synonyms for cacophony k?ˈk?f ? ni blare, blaring, cacophony, clamor, din(noun) a loud harsh or strident noise. Synonyms: commotion, ruction, clamoring, rumpus, blare, tumult, din, clamouring, ruckus, hue and cry, clamour, clamor, blaring. cacophony(noun) loud confusing disagreeable sounds. Synonyms: