What is the best roof in the Philippines?

Cost. The surface area of our roof is about 300 square meters. The total cost of the roof excluding the structural elements but including insulation and installation is about P280,000 or about P700 per square meter.

Cost. The surface area of our roof is about 300 square meters. The total cost of the roof excluding the structural elements but including insulation and installation is about P280,000 or about P700 per square meter.

Likewise, which is the best roofing sheet? Bitumen roof sheets are one of the best priced roofing solutions on the market and are Roofinglines’ most affordable roofing sheets. Waterproof, low maintenance, lightweight and straightforward to install, bitumen sheets are a long-lasting option that can be modified to suit most roofing needs.

Beside this, what is the most durable type of roof?

Natural slate tiles are the most durable roof you can put on a building, but the material is heavy and often requires additional and costly support. Innovations in slate roofing systems, like GAF TruSlate, are cutting the cost of genuine slate.

How do I keep my metal roof cool?

5 Tips For Keeping Your Steel & Metal Building Cool This Summer

  1. Add a cool metal roof. Traditional roofing materials can heat up as high at 190° F on a hot summer day.
  2. Upgrade your insulation.
  3. Harness the benefits of ventilation.
  4. Add awnings, overhangs and metal canopies.
  5. Use landscaping to your benefit.

How much is spandrel in Philippines?

Spandrel Price List Width Price per Linear Meter 4′ ₱87 6′ ₱100

How much is Yero in Philippines?

How Much Does Yero Cost? For rib type designs, the price of yero is ₱120 for 0.4 millimeters, ₱150 for 0.5 millimeters and ₱180 for 0.6 millimeters. The millimeters corresponds to the thickness while the price is measured per foot.

How much is a hollow blocks in the Philippines?

They usually come ranging from 500 – 1700psi. They can be placed with using mortar or be used just like ordinary hollow blocks. There are suppliers of these load bearing blocks here in the Philippines, but they are not available in your local hardware stores. Their price range from 20 – 27pesos per piece.

What does a roof cost?

The cost per square foot for a wood shingle roof is between $6.37 and $8.77. That equates to about $1,274 to $1,754 per 200 square feet (or for two squares). The cost and labor for an asphalt roof for a 1,200-square-foot house in larger markets across the country ranges between $4,100 and $6,000.

How much is rib type roofing?

The cost of our rib roofs are as follows: 0.4 mm (Gauge 27) is ₱120 per foot, 0.5 mm (Gauge 25) is ₱150 per foot and 0.6 mm(Gauge 24) is ₱180. We also give various discounts depending on the size of the project.

How much does it cost to install roof shingles?

The average homeowner installing architectural asphalt shingles on a 1,500-square-foot roof will pay between $6,000 and $14,000 on average, depending on the pitch and shape of the roof, with most homeowners spending around $9,000.

How do you calculate roof trusses?

Divide the length of the roof by two to determine how many trusses are needed. Trusses are generally secured 24 inches on center along the top plate. For a 30-foot long roof, a total of 15 trusses are needed.

What is Longspan roofing?

Long span arches are entirely self-supporting, with no trusses, frames, support posts, or purlins. They are also known as shell roofs. They are a structural curved skin covering a given plan shape and area where the forces in the shell or membrane are compressive and in the restraining edge beams are tensile.

Which material is best for roof?

Wood shingles. They are commonly made of cedar, but can also be made of other rot resistant woods, such as redwood. Plastic polymer. These durable synthetic roofing shingles can be recycled when replaced. Clay tiles. Concrete tiles. Metal. Asphalt Composition Shingles. Natural slate.

What type of roof is the most expensive?

Slate Roof It is the most expensive of common roofing materials, but also the most durable of all. Properly maintained, it can potentially last the lifetime of your home—even if that lifetime is two centuries long.

How long does a 30 year roof really last?

The truth is, a 30-year shingle will not really last 30 years. The expected service life of a 30-year product, if properly cared for, is approximately 25 years. If it’s not cared for properly, that 30 year shingle will only last 12 to 15 years. That’s one of the big misconceptions in the roofing marketplace.

Which roof is best for hot climate?

Best Roofing Materials for Hot Climates Terracotta: Terracotta and clay have been in use for decades. Slate Tiles: Slate tile is a natural material that is usually preferred by homeowners with an antique taste. Green Roofs: Green roofs not only look extremely attractive, but are also eco-friendly. Solar Cells: EPDM: Metal Sheets: Concrete Tiles: White Tiles:

What are the longest lasting roof shingles?

The longest-lasting shingles on the market are laminated shingles with a lifetime warranty and fall into two categories: dimensional shingles, which have a standard architectural shingle pattern) and “luxury” shingles, which do a better job of approximating the appearance of shakes or slate shingles.

What kind of shingles are best for roof?

Clay roof tiles (clay shingles) are one of the best types of roofing materials you can install on a home and are also considered a “cool roofing” type of roof shingle. Clay roofing tiles are also called architectural terracotta clay tiles.