Where does Chan Marshall live?

Marshall — who had lived in Los Angeles with Ribisi and his teenage daughter, taking on the role of a parent for the first time — decamped to Malibu and started recording Sun with the idea that she would make it a more pop-leaning album.

48 years (January 21, 1972)

Beside above, where is Cat Power from? Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Moreover, does Cat Power have a child?

Before we began our interview, she’d showed me photos of her 3-year-old son, Boaz, who appears on the cover of Wanderer. In the pictures on her phone, he is on a playground near their home in Miami, the fronds of distant palms ringing his towhead like a halo, her smile huge.

How do you pronounce Chan Marshall?

Formerly, Chan – you pronounce it “Sharn” – has put in an abashed appearance in a Gap advert, and in magazines alongside Catherine Deneuve and Fiona Apple.

Who is Cat Power married to?

Cat Power, the longtime ex-girlfriend of newlywed Giovanni Ribisi, has revealed that their relationship ended just two months ago. A candid interview suggests that the 37-year-old actor’s marriage to model Agyness Deyn, 29, last week, was spurred by a whirlwind romance.

How much is Cat Power worth?

Cat Power net worth: Cat Power is an American singer, songwriter, musician, model, and actress who has a net worth of $3 million. Cat Power was born in Atlanta, Georgia in January 1972. She plays guitar and piano and her styles include indie rock and folk rock.