Where is Sterling Vineyard?

Sterling Vineyards is a winery near Calistoga, California, owned by Treasury Wine Estates.

Savor a glass of Sterling wines perfectly paired with cheese and charcuterie platters on the gorgeous South View Terrace. Culinary creations are sourced locally and prepared by gourmet chefs.

Beside above, is Sterling wine good? Sterling has a $75, a $65 and a $25 bottling (which can also be found on sale). My colleague James Laube rated the most recent vintage of both intro cuvées, the 2009s, 88 points, very good on the Wine Spectator 100-point scale. A search of recently rated Napa Cabs shows they’re not alone, but in somewhat rare company.

Similarly, you may ask, how long is the tram ride at Sterling Vineyards?

1-2 hours

Can you picnic at Sterling Vineyards?

In particular, picnicking is prohibited at the places that first come to mind, those wineries with great views such as Sterling, Castello di Amoroso, Viader, Burgess and Silverado, as well as at the “classic” Napa Valley legends, Mondavi, Rubicon and Beaulieu.

Can you bring your own food to a winery?

A: While we do not allow outside beverages or coolers on site, you may bring your own food to the winery to enjoy on our expansive lawn and outdoor picnic areas where we have over 100 picnic tables. You may transport your food in picnic baskets, lunch boxes, and shoulder bags with ice packs.

Where can I take a picnic in Napa?

The following is a list of our favorite picnic friendly wineries as well as great places to pick up food in the Valley! Madrigal Winery: St. V. Napa Cellars: Napa. Ceja Vineyards: Napa/Carneros Region. Andretti Winery: Napa. Rutherford Hill: Rutherford. Benessere Vineyards: St. Pope Valley: St.Helena/Calistoga/Pope Valley.