Why did Darry feel hatred for Paul Holden How did pony boy react to that hatred?

Darry hates Paul Holden because Paul was given the opportunity to attend college and play football, and he was not. Ponyboy mentions that Darry wasn’t only jealous of Paul Holden; he was also ashamed to be representing the Greasers.

Darry felt hatred toward Paul Holden when the latter confronted him at the rumble. Paul looked at his former friend with an expression that might have conveyed hatred, pity or contempt. Ponyboy didn’t like what he saw. Ponyboy thought that Darry was jealous of Paul and that he was ashamed to represent the Greasers.

Subsequently, question is, how does Darry feel about fighting? Darry fights his old “buddy” Paul Holden during the rumble between the greasers and the Socs in chapter nine. Ponyboy suggests that Darry now hates Paul, partly out of jealousy, but also because Darry knows that he is better than just his label as a greaser and that life has been unfair to him.

Also know, why is it significant that Paul Holden is the SOC who steps forward to accept Darry’s challenge?

Paul Holden was Darry’s friend and football teammate back when they were in high school. It is significant that Paul Holden steps forward for Darry’s challenge because he not only shares a past with Darry, he is also the only Soc capable of going toe to toe with him.

Why did ponyboy keep repeating that Johnny wasn’t dead?

Ponyboy denies Johnny‘s death as a survival mechanism, because he has so much grief, pain, and disappointment to deal with. Remembering the rumble brought back more painful memories for Ponyboy though, and he warns himself: “Don’t remember how Johnny was your buddy, don’t remember that he didn’t want to die.

Why did Darry feel hatred for Paul?

Darry hates Paul Holden because Paul was given the opportunity to attend college and play football, and he was not. Ponyboy mentions that Darry wasn’t only jealous of Paul Holden; he was also ashamed to be representing the Greasers.

Did the greasers really win the rumble?

Apparently, the winners of the rumble are determined by which gang runs away first. Despite the fact that members of both gangs are seriously injured, the Greasers win the rumble because they did not retreat from the scene of the fight and were the last ones standing.

What are 5 things that happened in the rumble?

List five things that happen in the rumble in The Outsiders. Paul Holden punches Darry. Ponyboy asks Dally how he got out of the hospital. Darry defends Ponyboy and rips a Soc off his back. Ponyboy gets kicked in the head. Tim Shepard breaks his nose.

Who won the Rumble?

Although the Greasers ‘win’ the rumble because the Socs run away first, many of the boys are injured. Despite the victory, Johnny still dies and nothing is solved.

Why does Dally choose to die in the outsiders?

Answer and Explanation: In The Outsiders, Dally wants to die because Johnny, the only person he truly loves, has died.

What does Dally tell the police when he is stopped?

When they are stopped by the police for speeding, Dally is able to point to Pony and say that he is rushing him to the hospital. The police officer believes him and escorts them the rest of the way.

Why are Darry and Paul rivals?

Darry and Paul know each other; they used to be friends of a sort because they played football together. Because of this past, they end up fighting each other. At this point, one’s identity as a greaser or Soc is the most important thing. Paul decides to take Darry, and Darry believes he can take Paul.

How many SOCS were there?

Twenty two Socs show up for the rumble; there are only twenty Greasers, but they manage to win this battle in the turf war.

What does stay gold mean outsiders?

“Stay gold” is a reference to the Robert Frost poem that Ponyboy recites to Johnny when the two hide out in the Windrixville Church. One line in the poem reads, “Nothing gold can stay,” meaning that all good things must come to an end.

Who died in outsiders?

At the rumble, the greasers defeat the Socs. Dally shows up just in time for the fight; he has escaped from the hospital. After the fight, Ponyboy and Dally hurry back to see Johnny and find that he is dying. When Johnny dies, Dally loses control and runs from the room in a frenzy.

How did dally die?

He couldn’t take it.” Moments later, they get a call from Dally: He has robbed a grocery store, and “the cops are after him. We gotta hide him. Dally died by police fire: suicide by cop.

Why was Johnny’s death so difficult for dally?

Dally can’t accept Johnny’s death because Johnny is the one thing in the world that Dally cares about. Dally has always watched out for Johnny in fights, and when Johnny dies, Dally feels he has nothing left that’s good in his life. Dally forces the police to kill him because of this.

Why did ponyboy pass out after Dally died?

Dally collapses to the ground, dead. Ponyboy muses that Dally wanted to die. Feeling dizzy and overwhelmed, Ponyboy passes out. Ponyboy learns that he got a concussion when a Soc kicked him in the head during the rumble, and that he has been delirious in bed for three days.

Why do two bits fight?

Two-bit fights because it is a good way to blow off steam, and when someone deserves it. Two-bit is “the oldest of the gang and the wisecracker of the bunch,” and his nickname comes from the fact that he always has to tell his perspective. He liked to fight, and shoplift.