• June 24, 2022

BMW is working on smartglasses for drivers using AR.

BMW is working on smartglasses for drivers using AR

The Internet of Things and smart car industry seems to be gaining momentum. Internet connectivity and a growing spectrum of wearables using AR technology (we have already described m.in. A smart helmet for motorcyclists called Skully) is a sign that we are moving closer and closer to an era when the streets will host primarily smart cars. Joining the ranks of companies using the technology is BMW, which plans to incorporate AR, or augmented reality, elements into its Mini cars.

Specifically, it plans to introduce a type of glasses that will combine the real world with the virtual world to help with driving.
BMW's glasses have prototype status for now. One of the primary functions of the device is to allow the driver to simultaneously look at the road as well as the directions displayed on the glasses' screen. These can be m.in.

Navigation directions, speed information and other driving data. This data is, of course, on the dashboard, but the glasses may prove less distracting than glancing every now and then at the navigation screen located in the middle of the dashboard.
Speed or route information is not all the BMW glasses are supposed to be able to do. The company has created a system called "X-ray vision", ie x-ray option. What it is supposed to be about? Well, thanks to additional cameras mounted at the car, the glasses read the current location and surroundings of the car.

In this way, the driver peering into the car's mirror activates the external cameras, and the image from them is displayed in the glasses. The system is expected to eliminate the problem of the so-called. Blind spot in the mirrors of the car.

The system will also help during parallel parking.
The glasses are also expected to connect to the driver's smartphone using a special app, which will allow them to receive messages and calls using buttons on the steering wheel of the car. Only the notification icon will be displayed on the glasses, and text messages can be read by voice through the app. Wearable is also expected to serve drivers outside the car, namely to act as a navigator from the vehicle to a designated location, as well as back to a parking spot.

The prototype also included an option to search for the address of an event, in case you direct your eyes to a flyer promoting the event.
In summary, the features of the Mini Augmented Vision glasses are as follows: