• June 17, 2022

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, or digital camera and smartphone in one.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, which is a digital camera and smartphone in one

If the camera function is one of the most important in a smartphone for you, or you just don’t like to carry an extra digital with you, the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is for you. K Zoom is a new smartphone in the Galaxy series that has as much of a good digital camera as it does a smartphone. Rather not exactly practical for everyday use, it can be a great solution for holiday getaways.

Two in one

The phone looks like a perfect example of 2-in-1 – looking from one side we see a 4.8-inch Android smartphone screen, twinned with the latest Galaxy S5, looking from the other side – the front of a digital camera with a retractable lens. The camera that the smartphone is equipped with has a 20.7 Mpx resolution and 10x optical zoom. The smartphone runs on Android 4.4. It has 2GB of RAM and combines a quad-core 1.3GHz processor with a dual-core 1.7GHz processor.

Internal memory is 8GB. The memory seems small and the purchase of an additional microSD card is rather necessary if you want to fit both apps and high-resolution photos on the phone.

Selfie alarm

The camera software carries a lot of modes and functions. One of the more interesting ones is the so-called. selfie alarm – the camera has a face detection option and when you want to take a “hand-held” photo, the camera will start beeping if it does not detect a face in the frame. A practical mode is also the tracking option – we can set the camera to track a given moving object without losing focus on it.


The combination of a digital camera and a smartphone, of course, brings with it visual and weight side effects. The smartphone is definitely thicker and heavier than other devices in the Galaxy lineup. The lens creates a bulge, so the phone can not lie flat on the table.

However, despite the slightly enlarged dimensions, compared to other “2-in-1” models, this one is acceptable and relatively sleek.