7 conditions that a good mobile website should meet.

7 conditions that a good mobile site should meet

Nowadays, when nearly half of Poles own a smartphone, mobile sites should be an obvious solution. Unfortunately, it is still very rare to find a really well-designed mobile site, and very many companies do not have such a site at all. In the article we present 7 conditions that a good mobile site should meet (plus some additional tips).

1. Fast page load time

Time is money and a basic criterion for each of us. When we check a page on the cell phone, mostly we are on the run and do not have the time or desire to wait a few minutes for it to load. The sooner, the better.

According to B2C data, half of the users will forget about a brand faster if they get annoyed while loading its page.

2. Location and opening hours

76% of people go to the mobile site to find the address and opening hours of a local business. Make sure that access to this information is as quick and simplified as possible.

3. The “click to call” option

61% of people expect from a mobile site the ability to connect with a company quickly and easily. If a user is looking for a restaurant, pizza on the phone or any other service provider, they want to be able to connect with them quickly, without having to painstakingly copy the number, or worse, memorize or manually jot it down to enter it on the phone keypad a second later. So it is worth ensuring the availability of the “click to call” option.

4. Option „send email”

Right next to searching for phone numbers, 54% of users expect to be able to quickly contact a company via email. So it’s worth remembering to include an email address on the mobile site, along with the option to quickly enter and send a message.

5. Mobile app, but not the solo version

If you have to choose between a website and a mobile app, it’s better to choose the website. The app requires downloading and takes up valuable space on the device, so it’s more for loyal customers. When a user on a quick search for information about a company, he or she always goes to the search engine of the sites first.

Mobile apps are a fantastic way to complement a mobile strategy and strengthen customer relationships, but they should not function alone.

6. Social media links

Facebook and Twitter are great tools for staying up to date with your customers. There they can get a quick answer to a given inquiry, read other users’ opinions and simply – stay in touch. That’s why it’s a good idea for the mobile site to include a link to social media, where the company also has a presence.

7. Video, but without autoplay

Videos can be a good enhancement to a page, especially when a product needs a mini-instruction. YouTube provides a very easy way to upload videos to sites. However, if you want to post the video on a mobile site, be sure to avoid the autoplay option!

Videos slow down smartphone use and consume a lot of data transfer, and instead of improving the recipient’s experience, they can easily spoil it. Therefore, let videos play only with the user’s permission.
In addition, an ideal mobile website should also have the following features and functions:

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