• July 1, 2022

Christmas m-commerce – a missed opportunity to increase profits.

Christmas m-commerce – an untapped opportunity to increase profits

Admittedly, the weather outside the window does not indicate it, but the holidays are getting closer. We associate this time in many ways, but in the business world it has been a period of increased sales for years. However, reality is changing rapidly, and consumers have entered the era of mobile dominance.

However, it turns out that not all vendors are aware of the changes brought about by the rise in popularity of mobile devices.

A new type of consumer

Market reports and analysis are a source of information on today’s consumers. What emerges is a picture of people almost “knitted” with their smartphones or tablets. These devices accompany us almost everywhere for several hours a day. Of course, they help us with our purchases. In the West, four out of five consumers choose to shop online using their mobile device.

So we can talk about mass interest of buyers in this kind of transactions.

Who does not change, stays behind

Changes in consumer habits, should entail transformation of marketing strategies. Retailers who don’t want to risk a drop in profits must invest in mobile marketing solutions. Top experts such as the director of the.

Twitter marketing Ori Carmel.

Fundamental changes – challenge for vendors

Carmel spoke at the Mobile Marketing Summit: Holiday Focus 2022 about the value of m-marketing and its role in enhancing the potential of businesses. His view is that we are witnessing two fundamental changes. One of them is the increase in the importance of mobile devices, caused by consumers who gain information with them (not only about products, but also about competitors or prices) and modify their purchasing decisions, especially during holiday periods.
The second change is related to real-time marketing strategy and the ability to capitalize on marketing “moments”. Promoting the brand on social networks on the occasion of important events can be an extremely effective strategy. The Twitter portal suggests four categories of such events that are worth referring to (through posts or tweets):

  • planned,
  • spontaneous,
  • big developments,
  • everyday moments.


Carmel gave the example of Ellen DeGeneres’ famous selfie from the recent Oscars gala, which was taken with the latest (at the time) Samsung Galaxy Note model. Samsung decided to take the opportunity to present its flagship in an unobtrusive, novel and entertaining way (just look at the faces of the celebrities pictured). Such combinations should give entrepreneurs an advantage over competitors using more traditional marketing methods.

Suffice it to mention that the tweet below has become the most shared in Twitter history (more than three million follows).