• June 21, 2022

Google Glass a new dimension to gaming

Google Glass: a new dimension of games?

Google Glass is a device whose launch has caused a lot of excitement among the public. However, after the initial frenzy and euphoria, there have been a lot of critical statements and doubts about whether the glasses will have any use at all in everyday life. Nowadays there are more and more ideas for interesting use of the potential of glasses.

Google Glass has a chance to provide gaming fans with great entertainment, competing with Oculus Rift.

Ingress – virtual portals in non-virtual reality

Game manufacturers quickly picked up the idea of Google Glass. One of the games using the potential of glasses is Ingress, a game that you can currently test on your mobile devices – it is available in the Google Play store. The game uses the player's current location, drawing a map of the area.

Real streets are used, but the objects are replaced by virtual ones, linked to the game. So you can find portals, checkpoints and objects from the game world in the area. The main purpose of the game is to link portals together in triangular combinations.