• June 29, 2022

A mine of knowledge about mobile u – report from the 5th edition of Mobile Silesia.

A mine of knowledge about mobile'u – report from the 5th edition of Mobile Silesia

April 16, 2022., The fifth edition of the Mobile Silesia conference was held. The Mobile Trends team had the pleasure of being hosted in Zabrze, in order to listen to six lectures oscillating around the topic of mobile. The conference can – literally – be described as a "mine of knowledge", since the lectures covered a diverse range of mobile topics, and the whole thing took place in the historic Guido coal mine. The conference was organized by SMSAPI.

MobileTrends Service.pl was a media patron of the event.
The Mobile Silesia conference was organized by SMSAPI. The Silesian character of the event was emphasized primarily by the location of the conference. The event was hosted by Mariusz Kałamaga, known as „the man in the yellow sweater” from the Hunter cabaret.B, who led the entire event in a relaxed and spontaneous manner.
The first lecture was given by Adam Przezdzięk, talking about out-of-the-box solutions in mobile’u using the example of trending apps. All of them were characterized by a kind of going beyond a certain sphere of security and standards. In the end, it resulted in popular and not necessarily typical mobile applications, which were discussed during the lecture.
The second to appear on stage was Monika Mikowska, which talked about its industry specialty, namely mobile UX. Those present at the Mobile Trends Conference 2022 could once again hear a few words about the micro-moments and micro-interactions that make up the overall mobile user experience. It turns out that sometimes the smallest detail can change the overall experience of using a given application.
He then presented himself Andrzej Ogonowski, director of marketing and PR at SMSAPI, and therefore one of the organizers of Mobile Silesia itself. As he promised in the theme of his lecture – "I will not advertise" – and so it was. He presented the advantages and determinants of effective communication via the SMS channel.

Encouraged to build your own contact base to then run effective campaigns based on permission marketing. It turned out that SMS often carries more marketing effectiveness than, for example. emails.
After a coffee break, during which one could take advantage of the networking potential of the conference, he presented himself Piotr Konieczny, known from niebezpiecznik.pl. Mobile Silesia participants, as well as those attending the February edition of MTC, could hear that the smartphone is a devil. Konieczny, as usual, demonstrated his high competence and knowledge of mobile device hacking. Each of his lectures, however, has its own "flavors" that distinguish one speech from another.

Practical knowledge gained from his lecture includes the fact that resetting the phone does not at all equal the security of our privacy and before selling the device it is best to overwrite its disk, because just wiping it is not enough.
Jakub Biel talked about brand communication, and thus also about how to effectively advertise apps. The main message of his lecture can be summarized by saying that the key to success lies in simplicity. Biel supported this fact with several examples, such as. with an anecdote about a mini-story by Ernest Hemingway or an ad consisting of two words. Sometimes all it takes is a small impulse on the part of the sender to create a whole story in the recipient’s brain that will narrow the consumer’s relationship with the brand.

And it is communication that engages the recipient in this way that often turns out to be the most effective.

The conference ended with a speech Przystasia brand, specialists in applications for the youngest mobile users. He explained the multifaceted nature behind the creation of a mobile application that entertains and teaches, while satisfying the tastes of both the kids themselves and their parents. It turns out that nothing can replace practical testing, and the youngest are just as demanding as adults, but they pay attention to completely different aspects of the application.
Conference Mobile Silesia Ended with refreshments and a party where you could both talk to other attendees and speakers and dance together, all still 320 meters underground. Mobile Silesia is another fixed point on the map of mobile events worth attending, especially since it is the only event of its kind in Silesia. Regional atmosphere, relaxed atmosphere and diversity of topics at a high level of content are keywords with which to sum up the event.
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