• June 9, 2022

Presentation of mobile application on mockups – 22 examples of PSD templates.

Mobile app presentation on mockups – 22 PSD template examples

Visual presentation of a mobile application is not an easy task, especially when we have no idea how to go about it from the technical side. As Ewa Topolska wrote in her post from a few days ago – „Creating an application is just the tip of the iceberg. Now comes basically the most difficult stage – you have to encourage users to download the app from stores.” With this sentence you have to agree unquestionably, and it is worth noting that the promotion of an application is not only its nice presentation on the marketplace, many applications also have their own sites where they are made available for downloading. Just take a look at the main sites of giants such as Flickr, Instagram and WhatsApp and you will see their application presented on real mobile devices, baa even on several types of. Why?

Simple reason – Mr. Kowalski or Mr. Smith from the US wants to see what the app he will install on his device will look like after downloading the.

Instead of uploading dry screenshots of our app let's give the user something more, let's present our product as it looks in reality that is on a mobile device. Demonstrating the application as the aforementioned popular apps and services do allows us to, among other things, PSD mockup. For those who have never had contact with the mockup template, in short, it is a ready-made file with a mockup of the device to which you just need to upload a screenshot of your application, the result of which we will have a ready-made static visualization of our project.
htconeIn today's post we present 22 examples of mockups of various mobile devices, downloadable for free, which will help to present your application, responsive website or any other project you have prepared for a mobile device. All files are in PSD (Photoshop format) with a smart layer so that we are literally limited to dragging and dropping a screen of our design. To open and edit PSD files we need Adobe Photoshop or Gimp, the former can be downloaded in a trial version which is quite enough for us because, after all, we do not do visualization every day, while the second program is completely free.

So, I can't help but invite you to download the files and wish you fruitful work in visualizing your own design on mobile devices.

1. Nokia Lumia
Download: Nokia Lumia PSD
2. Google Nexus 6 smartphone
Download: Nexus 6 PSD
3. Google Nexus 6 smartphone
Download: Google Nexus 6 PSD Mock-Up
4. HTC One M7 smartphone
Download: HTC One M7 Mock-up
5. Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone
Download: Samsung Galaxy S5 PSD Mock-up

6. Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone
Download: Samsung Galaxy S4 PSD Mock-up
7. Xperia S smartphone
Download: Xperia S PSD Mock-Up
8. Google Nexus 5 smartphone
Download: Nexus 5 PSD
9. Blackberry Z10 smartphone
Download: Blackberry Z10 PSD Mock-up

10. Windows Phone 7 smartphone
Download: Windows Phone 7 PSD
11. Huawei Ascend smartphone
Download: Huawei Ascend PSD
12. Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone
Download: Nokia Lumia 920 PSD
13. Nokia Lumia 930 smartphone
Download: Nokia Lumia 930 PSD
14 iPhone 5S smartphone
Download: iPhone 5S PSD
15 iPhone 6S smartphone
Download: iPhone 5S PSD
16. One PLus smartphone
Download: One PLus PSD Mock-up

17. Lumia 820 smartphone
Download: Lumia 820 PSD Mock-up
18. MotoX smartphone
Download: Moto X PSD Mock-up
19. HTC One M8 smartphone
Download: HTC One M8 Mock-up
20. Huawei Ascend smartphone
Download: Huawei PSD
21. Nexus 10 tablet
Download: Nexus 10 PSD Mock-Up
22. Apple iPad Air Tablet
Download: iPad Mock-Up

Mockups are especially useful when you want to quickly yet nicely present the results of your work on a real device. With the help of a well-made mockup, you will present your applications in a friendly way in presentations at conferences or lectures, in the app marketplace, on the Web site, and it can even be used in technical documentation and end-user program descriptions. It's always a good idea to have a few PSD templates on hand to use.