• June 8, 2022

What iPhone fans want

What iPhone’s fans want?

Ten days ago Apple unveiled its latest iPhones’y, which of course we reported on. In our text you will find, among other things, detailed specifications of these smartphones. Today we would like to present you with a very interesting comparison between the expectations of fans of the brand and the actual specifications of the latest flagships of the Cupertino corporation.
Such a comparison is possible thanks to a study conducted by the Australian branch of the Ebay auction portal. It involved 769 users of the site, who answered more than a dozen questions related to their expectations of the upcoming iPhone’s 6. The result is a very interesting infographic, published by thetechblock website.com.

What fans expected?

First and foremost, three features: a capacious battery (79% of respondents), a shatterproof screen (70%) and water resistance (61%). 45% of respondents expressed a desire for a larger screen on their new iPhone. Interestingly, it is older users who are more eager for such a novelty, as just over half of respondents aged 55, expressed such a view.

Among younger users (18 – 24 years old), only 38% of respondents want to own a phone with a larger display diagonal.
The infographic shows some interesting breakdowns. Gender proved to be quite a differentiating variable. It turns out that men are 1.5 times more likely to expect such innovations as a replaceable battery (40% of respondents), mobile wallet service (20%) or sapphire glass to protect the screen (19%). A similar difference was noted between consumers of Apple and Samsung products.

It emerged that lovers of the brand with the logo of the bitten apple, 1.5 times more expect: the ability to wirelessly charge the device (41% of respondents), pre-installed mHealth apps (23%) or the ability to synchronize smatphone with smart accessories (19%).
iPhone’users also distinguish themselves in the way they use mobile Internet access. The survey reveals a rather significant difference, as 61% of Apple fans browse the resources of the global web from their phone, while for users of other phones, 43% of people do so.
Of course, the infographic contains much more information. Those interested are invited to the end of the article, where you can see it.

Have expectations been met?


The answer to the question posed above may be disappointing for the most demanding survey participants, but even in the case of the three, most anticipated features, it is difficult to talk about the fulfillment of hopes. The fact is that the new iPhones’y will have capacious batteries. However, for the smaller (and $100 cheaper) 4.7-inch model, the difference from the 5S will be very small.

Only the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus will offer significantly longer runtime on a single charge. However, a sizable portion of those surveyed were not eager for a larger screen, and the one on the Plus model is downright huge (by my previous Apple standards).
Similarly, the question of shatterproof screen. Those in the new Apple flagships, will not be much more shatterproof, and the reason for this is primarily the abandonment of sapphire glass, which was supposed to appear in the latest generation of Apple phones, but unfortunately the rumors did not turn out to be true. A similar disappointment was experienced by those who hoped for the water resistance of the iPhone’6 and 6 Plus.

Apple doesn't say anything about it, so users of these smatphones will have to make do with waterproof covers.
Of course, there will be no removable battery, but the 20% of respondents who were hoping for new mobile payment features can feel satisfied. For more on this topic, see our text on Apple Pay. The same is true for mHealth apps or syncing with smartwatches.

Apple Wach should satisfy most fans of the brand, at least for a while. Later will come the next generations of devices and accompanying services, which in the case of Apple very often compensate – or mask – some deficiencies in terms of hardware solutions.