• June 13, 2022

5 future mobile trends for business – infographic.

5 future mobile trends for business – infographic

Mobility is one of the typical features for modern businesses. Mobile apps, RWD websites, mobile marketing – all these activities are to guarantee the company's success in the mobile field (and beyond). However, companies that have already taken care of the basics of mobility in their strategy should still keep their hand on the pulse, for trends in this area are constantly changing and developing.

Here are 5 mobile trends that modern companies are already starting to take advantage of.

1. Ultrapersonalization

Successful marketing communications, is a well-tailored marketing communication. Personalization is welcome especially in mobile’u, and mobile devices themselves are allowing increasingly precise tailoring of messages to audiences by collecting detailed data about their owners. Marketers also have more and more options in terms of the methods and forms of communication themselves – through apps, SMS, coupons, mailings, but also increasingly beacons or geolocation.

The more marketing communications meet the expectations of the recipient, the more willing they will be to share details about their preferences, resulting in even more personalized – and effective – marketing communications.

2. Mobile collaborations – with user convenience in mind

Many companies have recognized the need to shift their focus from thinking about a "corporate mobile app" to thinking about a "mobile app for the user," putting the customer first. That's why more and more apps are being developed, the fruit of collaboration between several companies within a single app, to provide users with the simplest and most useful functionality within a single app. Joining forces, for example. several shipping companies within one app can benefit each party, including both the company, the app developer and the customer himself.

3. Geolocation is becoming more and more precise

With the development of technologies such as beacons, geolocation services are becoming more and more refined and enable navigation already inside buildings as well. Stationary stores can benefit significantly from this by providing customers with detailed product information or encouraging them to visit further corners of the store. Thanks to them, the store staff will also get to know the departments and products that are most popular with customers, as well as their most frequently duplicated purchase paths.

4. Mobile business intelligence

Increasingly, various aspects of business analytics are moving from computer screens to mobile screens. Combining traditional business tools with more modern ones, such as. social and mobile, will allow the creation of robust analytical tools, for which a tablet or smartphone will suffice (similar tools a year ago have already begun to be used by m.in. Lidl).

Permanently integrating mobile devices and applications into management will also improve communication within the company.

5. Mobile moments

Mobile moments are the interactions of senders with recipients through mobile applications that take advantage of the circumstances the user is currently in. More and more businesses will soon begin to recognize the importance of this mode of communication. The key here is to closely analyze the data you have about your customers, their habits, how they navigate the app or what events are of interest and concern to them, such as holidays, sports events or planned vacations.