• June 7, 2022

Apple WWDC15 Apple Music for music fans and Apple Watch SDK and Swift 2. 0 for developers.

Apple WWDC15: Apple Music for music fans, plus Apple Watch SDK and Swift 2.0 for developers

At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2022, which kicked off yesterday, a new version of iOS 9 was unveiled, as we detailed in a previous article. The new software version, however, is not all. A new music streaming service, Apple Music, is introduced, as well as an app to stay up to date with your favorite musicians.

The company also unveiled new features geared toward developers – SKD for the Apple Watch and a new version of the Swfit 2 programming language.0.

Apple Music for music lovers


The Keynote also unveiled a new service – Apple Music, which will launch at the end of July. The service is for streaming music and is expected to compete m.in. for the very popular Spotify. A subscription will cost $9.99 per month, and a family subscription costs $14.99.

Apple also launches its Beats 1 radio station. A Connect service will also be made available, which "accumulates" artist profiles from different social media into one service, allowing efficient contact with artists. All these services are to be available from the Apple Music app.

Interestingly, Apple has decided to launch its service also on Android and Windows phones.

Something for developers: the Apple Watch SDK and Swift 2.0


The Apple Watch premiered this spring, and improvements are still being made, such as the following. first update. A new version of the system for the watch, watchOS 2, was announced during WWDC15, along with a native SDK application that is sure to excite many developers. They can work m.in. on its own smartwatch widgets and apps, which will get almost the same functions as Apple's apps – as developers will gain access to m.In. for a heart rate monitor, microphone or accelerometer.
Apple also announced a new version for the Swift programming language – 2.0., Which is also expected to become open source’software.
In conclusion, as always during Apple's WWDC Keynote – there was quite a lot going on. The changes that iOS 9 will bring will certainly improve the functioning of devices and further enhance the pleasure of using them. The streaming service may be very popular among loyal fans of the brand, especially in view of the docking station for iPhone’users with Lightning connector, which recently went on sale.

Developers, too, will benefit from the release of the SDK and the new version of Swift, which will soon become open source’owa.