• June 27, 2022

Aspect The number of contacts made during Mobile-IT exceeded our expectations.

Aspect: The number of contacts made during Mobile-IT exceeded our expectations

Aspekt is a distributor of Motorola and Zebra in Poland, as well as a sponsor of the Mobile-IT Fair and the Mobile Trends for Business conference, which took place on May 27-28, 2022 in Cracow, Poland. Ms. Eliza Lukasiewicz, representing the company at the event, tells about her impressions of these two trade fair and conference days.

It confirms the assumption that these types of events clearly translate into the promotion and development of the company, and that participation in the event itself brings a lot of positive impressions.
1. Why did you decide to participate in the Fair?
This year has brought us a veritable rash of different types of events-fairs, conferences, congresses-and it is increasingly difficult to choose the right ones at which to show up so as to reach the largest possible audience. We decided, along with our partners Motorola Solutions and Zebra Technologies, to focus on the events most relevant to the Auto ID industry. Effective use of mobile technologies is the core of our activities. For years, ASPEKT's mission has been to optimize all processes so as to reduce hotspots to a minimum and make people's work more efficient, lighter and thus more pleasant!

Therefore, after learning about the topics of the Conference and the profile of the exhibitors, we decided to participate in the Mobile IT Fair and speak at the Mobile Trends Conference.
2. How do you evaluate these events?
Considering that this was the first edition of Mobile IT, I am very positively surprised. The young, resilient team of organizers really tried hard to make the atmosphere among exhibitors and visitors simply pleasant. The insane catering, the nice team and, most importantly, the QUANTITY of leads after the fair made us already plan to attend next year's edition!
3. Is the idea of establishing such a Fair in Krakow is correct?
From our point of view – as much as possible. Why? Because, first of all, there has been no Fair with this theme so far and secondly – all such events are held in Central Poland, but what about the South?

Now Krakow-Katowice-Wroclaw can boldly show up at this very Fair.
4. What was the main purpose of the stay?
In our case, the goal is obvious – to attract new customers. The secondary purpose was as a PR effort, as well as to learn more about the competition's offerings. However, our competitors did not show up at the Fair, which was obviously a mistake, because the number of visitors to our booth proved the rightness of our decision to exhibit at the Mobile IT Fair and showed how much interest there is in the mobile business solutions offered by Aspect.
5. How do you assess the quality of contacts made during the Fair?
Exactly two weeks pass since the end of the first edition of the Mobile IT Fair, and I have to admit that the number of contacts made, which directly translated into concrete sales conversations, exceeded our expectations. One can always say – "it could have been better, more, more," but we, as one of Mobile IT's Sponsors, are pleased with the participation. Next year we will say: " It was better, more…." I cordially invite you all next YEAR to Krakow.
Eliza Lukasiewicz Marketing and PR Department at Aspekt Company