• June 27, 2022

Discover culture in your city with the Going app.

Discover culture in your city with the Going app

At the end of May, a new mobile application Going was launched. The application proposes a number of cultural events that will take place in the coming days with the possibility to purchase tickets in a few simple steps. We can choose between concerts, theatrical performances, movie screenings in studio theaters, exhibitions, workshops and other events in the cultural space.
"We are keen for users to learn about interesting events and places they didn't know about before. Cultural offerings e.g. Warsaw is very rich, but we are often unable to access it until friends tell us about it.

In Going. we are particularly keen on smaller organizers of cultural events who have limited promotional opportunities, and offers very interesting events," – says Maciej Gastol, co-founder of Going.
Mobile payments in Going. They are supported by the MasterCard® Mobile system, known from Skycash or MobiParking applications, among others. For users who already have an account with MasterCard® Mobile, registration in the app will be greatly simplified.
The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, but was also prepared for people who do not own smartphones, but use PCs.
At the moment, the app is available for those staying in Warsaw, but over time Going. Plans to have a presence in the remaining major cultural centers in Poland.
For more information, visit http://goingapp.en