• June 14, 2022

Filip Miłoszewski talks about Project Ara and mobile solutions for business.

About Project Ara and mobile solutions for business through the eyes of Filip Miłoszewski

Listonic is the most popular mobile shopping assistant, which was awarded at the Mobile Trends Awards 2013 in the category of mobile marketing usage. Filip Miloszewski, co-founder and board member of Listonic, active in the mobile industry since 2008, answers "3 questions for the speaker". In the interview, he talks about the most anticipated mobile launch, as well as the best apps in his opinion for use in business.
Which of the recent mobile device launches impressed you the most?

For a long time now, the launches of new smartphones have been in the pattern: bigger screen, better camera, faster processor, and this evolution doesn't cause me much excitement. However, since Google announced that Project Ara will be coming as early as January 2022 I count on it to contribute strongly to driving hardware innovation.
The phone consists of an inexpensive base station and a set of modules that allow its full personalization. I must point out here that I don't think Google's modular smartphone advertised as "the last phone you ever needed to buy" will significantly extend the life of phones, much less make us stop buying new ones. The real power of this project lies in the Module Developer's Kit, an open-hardware specification by which independent developers will be able to create their own modules to extend standard features.

When backed by a robust sales system (both Google Store and third-party partner stores), I see a lot of potential for spurring smartphone innovation in a similar way that kickstarter drives hardware innovation.
Mobile apps don't just have to sell. What application use of the application in business did you appreciate the most?
At Listonic, our core business product is advertising for FMCG products displayed directly on shopping lists. To improve customer relations, we use Base. We chose this CRM primarily because of the quality of its mobile solutions. Access to current leads from within the app is becoming standard in the industry, but in Base addition, every call is automatically logged.

This way, even before the phone is answered, the app displays a summary of the current business activities related to the calling customer.
I am also impressed by the mobile sales management system implemented by Lidl. Thanks to a tablet app, every sales manager will have quick access m.in to current business indicators, merchandising data or special offers. No doubt this will translate into a measurable improvement in work organization.
Deliver a lecture at Mobile Trends for Business. What your speech will be about?
I will talk about the most important issues necessary for a successful app launch in the US. From product communication to positioning to how to build buzz even before the launch.

Filip Miloszewski

Listonic co-founder and board member active in the mobile industry since 2008. Involved in the development of Listonic – one of Poland's most popular mobile apps, and Order Zakupy – Poland's first mcommerce system for grocery/FMCG shopping. In his spare time, he contributes to the liberal magazine Liberte! and engages with the Industrial Foundation, Founder Institue.

A programmer by education (Technical University of Lodz/Coventry University), a webdeveloper by passion, he relaxes in the evenings with a good stand-up comedy. @milof on twitter, facebook, G+ and tumblr.