• June 30, 2022

Apps are tools that originate from desktop applications – Matthew Zguda.

Apps are tools that originate from desktop applications – Matthew Zguda

The date for Mobile Trends for Business is getting closer and closer – it's already May, so there are only 3 weeks left until the conference! Today's "3 questions for the speaker" is answered by Matthew Zguda, CEO of KISS digital, experienced in agency, digital and marketing. In the interview, he talks about mobile applications, primarily in the context of the retail and FMCG industries.
How mobile apps according to you can support business?

Apps are tools and it is the duty of both the mobile industry and business to remember this. They are to be used to accomplish tasks. Currently, when the buzzword app falls, most people turning in our world see mobile devices. It's worth taking a step back, looking more broadly, and seeing that apps originate from desktop applications – there, business apps are about interpersonal communication, reporting, documentation, calculations and information delivery.

You can start from this line of thinking when talking about tools for business.
Which branch of business do you think has far too poorly adapted mobile solutions in relation to market needs?
I think these are the industries I will refer to in the lecture, namely retail and FMCG. While many of these companies are implementing mobile apps, they often struggle to build reach. This is because the added value they offer is too low.
You will give a lecture at Mobile Trends for Business. What will your speech be about?
I will talk about specific mobile applications in two industries: in retail sales in the so-called „real” and in the sale and promotion of FMCG products. I would like to dispel doubts and organize information on this issue. After all, there are already solutions suitable for efficient implementation that do not conflict with consumer habits and budget sense. I will also talk about the opportunities that will arise in the next, two-year, time horizon.

We see that this market is very active, and there will be a lot of changes – so it is worth preparing for them. My presentation will help with this.

Matthew Zguda

He is responsible for customer and partner collaboration and development strategy in his role as president of KISS digital. Experienced in agency, digital and marketing. Devotee of usability, clever marketing mechanics and simple yet sophisticated solutions.

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